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Unique in the Indonesian jungle

Indonesian jungle pavilion rare otters inhabit hladkosrsté. In addition to the Prague Zoo is not behaving any other continental zoo.

A shrill whistle is now often the first thing that greeted visitors in the Indonesian jungle. It is this typical way to communicate with each other the two newest additions to the Prague zoo. "Hladkosrsté Otters are one of the few social otters, also our two females together maintain contact just whistling," says curator Vít Luke. "Given the predominantly daily activity, often showing off visitors which impress with its size. "

In nature hladkosrsté otters live in groups of similar wolf families. The dominant pair complement the maturing chicks at different ages.

Otters hladkosrsté the second largest otter world. They are very capable hunters of fish, which is the main component of their diet. In the Prague Zoo hladkosrsté receive otters feeding five times a day, a day breeders is punctuated by freezing them in blocks of ice fish, with which you can play.

Both females also popular among mangrove roots, which likes to climb and he looks around.
"In the vast moat of one of the islands in the Indonesian jungle floor yet live two young sisters, but we are working on making them soon got a partner," says Luke.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Tz Author: Michal Happy
Photo: Tomáš Adamec

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