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Guardians bought the first herd of bison for Czech Republic

Breeding herd of bison won the first five in Poland, Czech landscape conservation organization. This year, the animals will be brought and dropped in the Czech Republic within the project, which seeks to return the mighty ruminants in the wild.

Breeding groups composed of one male and four females, the Czech countryside to the signing of agreements with international organizations, European Bison Friends Society in Poland.

"We are very pleased that in recent days we received our first herd of bison. This species is crucial for biodiversity throughout Europe and became a symbol of nature protection throughout the continent, "says
Dalibor Dostal, director of Czech landscape. Price breeding herd is around 310,000 crowns.

Where exactly is the herd in the first phase settles, is not yet clear. In the game there are several sites, mainly former and current military facilities. The final decision about the target location should sanctify the representatives of the newly established government. Even in 2014, the first five zubrům should accrue additional three animals bought in Poland.

Bison was after World War II in the wild completely exterminated. Thanks to the international bailout program and breeding in captivity but his condition began to gradually increase. He currently lives in the world around 4,500 bison, of which approximately three thousand animals in the wild and semi-wild herds.

Czech Republic is one of the last countries in the area of ​​the original occurrence of the bison, where this kind of return to the wild. To change this situation, the project set out to return bison to the Czech Republic, where Czech landscape collaborates with experts from the Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Budejovice, South Bohemia University, Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Brno, the Association of European bison breeders and other organizations and institutions.

The return of the bison in the Czech countryside helped private companies and individual donors.


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