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Famous in captivity narcotics

People become addicted to drugs for various reasons. And it does not matter whether the "ordinary" mortals, or well-known personalities from the world of showbiz. Drugs and addiction to them is not exempt even celebrities.

The joys and the sorrows

Drug addiction among famous people is caused by several factors. These include the following:
They are constantly in the public eye.
Some media celebrities can not cope with newly acquired wealth and fame.
Other celebrity pounce on drugs for the opposite reason - their career is on the wane.
Opiates tend to leak even when health problems, such as the painful surgery - here is only a short step to addiction to drugs, etc.

Who made it

Celebrities have problems with various forms of addiction, whether it be drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, or medication. Some of them, however, this problem could "turn" and now live a full life. To be able to, for example?
Martin Sheen. Famous actor father equally successful son, Charlie Sheen, is a recovering alcoholic, but it always occurs between Alcoholics Anonymous. In 2008 he said that his "cure" attributed to faith in God. Alcoholics Anonymous K joined to support his son, Charlie, who is also struggling with alcohol and drugs. Unlike his father is the son of sobriety constantly seeks only.

Jaime Lee Curtis. U.S. actress admitted in 2009, that fought with a heavy dependence on morphine. After a routine cosmetic surgery started taking painkillers and unfortunately they died. In addition, i started to drink a lot. Since 1999, however, did not touch alcohol and dependence on drugs to get rid of. As she says, a cure is considered the greatest achievement in my life. However, it required hard work.

Kelly Osbourne. When she was seventeen years old, took each day and 50 tablets of pain medication. In addition, addicted to alcohol and drugs, passed several times for addiction treatment and twice was the treatment of psychiatric disorders. When she learned that her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she began to fight addiction. Only in 2009 was "clean" and since then is booming. He said he considers it a second chance in life.

Robin Williams. Outstanding actor said he saw a young man, but then stopped. He began twenty years later in 2006, but decided to deal with the problem in a rehab clinic. He managed and since then is sober again.

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