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Spectacular start Mossoux-Bont and Clarinet Factory Concert with Christopher Willits

Spectacular start Mossoux-Bont and Clarinet Factory Concert with Christopher Willits The festival begins on the 20th Spectacular January at the New National Theatre komponovaným evening, which offers both contemporary dance and movement theater, as well as an exceptional musical experience.

In the first part of the evening indicate the leading Belgian dance troupe Mossoux-Bont new production of Les buveuses de café, which is full of visual perfection, music and dance fireworks and fine surreal. "File viewers know from Prague Prague Dance festivals or zero point," adds the theater dramaturg program Petr rich.

The second part will quartet Clarinet Factory. "His motto is music without borders - classical, jazz and ethno to volnomyšlen ¬ Karski improvisation," says music editor Josef Sedloň. The festival will introduce its new double album Worx and Reworx, which commemorate two decades of existence, and which will contain original songs and exclusive remi ¬ xy. On them are involved musicians like Sylvain Chauveau, bvdub, Hidden Orchestra, aus, Floex or American multi-instrumentalist Christopher Wil ¬ lits that on the stage of the New Stage of the National Theatre play alone as well as with the Clarinet Factory. Willits serves the Ryuichim Sakamoto, Taylor Deupreem and his guitar sound draws an abstract shape on the borders of ambient, shoegaze and pop glitchového ..

Spectacular Festival connects electronic and experimental music, dance, physical theater with multimedia, projections and visual arts. Occurs 31 January in addition to the New National Theatre also at Palac Akropolis, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art and Studio Heroes - Trade Fair Palace.

Showcasing the leading names in contemporary music scene such as Jon Hopkins, who has worked with Coldplay and Brian Eno, as well as Nils Frahm, Fennesz, Hauschka, bvdub, Frederic Robinson and Samuli Kosminen. Concerts complete front VJové as Jon Wozencroft, Anders Weberg from us or Dan Gregor and Dušan Urbanec. The festival is also preparing a special introduction of a new performance Faith leading Czech ensemble physical theater with live music Tantehorse German dark-jazz quartet Bohren & Der Club of Gore. Will be topped projections musical films in Bio Oko (Dead Can Dance, Sigur Rós, Einstürzende Neubauten, etc.) and workshops - interactive for children with Clarinet Factory and Alan Vitous and for those interested in a deeper understanding of present musicians.

"The title of the show refers to the fact that all performances will be accompanied by a strong visual component - design, VJing or videomapping,"
explains Josef Sedloň, which is also behind the project Music Infinity. "Spectacular Festival is a natural extension of this concert series, the culmination of eight years of our efforts. Preparing it for viewers who are interested in contemporary music development, what is now current in the world and also overlaps into the future, "adds Sedloň.

Spectacular Festival organizes Palac Akropolis and it builds on the successful concert series Music Infinity.

FESTIVAL Spectacular

20th - 31st January 2014, Prague
Presented by Art Frame Palac Akropolis
With the support of the City of Prague, Representation of Wallonia-Brussels

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