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Six tips to increase male fertility that really work

Male fertility over the last 50 years has reduced by half. Sperm accounts for less and less mobile. There are several reasons and mostly related to modern lifestyle. See how easy fight against male infertility. Just a few small changes.

Say no briefs - Maintenance of the testicles "in the shadow" is the basis for the creation of viable sperm. Therefore, the testicles descend during the life of a man outside the abdominal cavity. Temperature "outside" is a few degrees lower than inside the body. These few degrees affects the rate of formation of new sperm. But once a man puts into his tight jeans and underwear, the temperature suddenly increases and sperm production slows down. Indulge your partner freedom and take his boxers and not too tight trousers.

Stocks of zinc - Zinc is important for the formation and activation of sperm. Nutritionists advisors recommend at least 15 mg of zinc daily. Even this small amount can repair the damage to sperm commit chemicals normally present in our surroundings. Zinc is present mainly in seafood, especially oysters, which he therefore earned a reputation aphrodisiacs. Further, for example, in whole grain breads and legumes.

End bad habits - "Smoking can damage the sperm and decreases fertility," warns a pack of cigarettes owners. Each cigarette smoked violates the sperm membranes, causing their "laziness" and the inability to reach the egg. Smoking damages the DNA in addition, so that defective sperm can cause some birth defects. It is not just about fertility, smoking also affects the actual enjoyment of sex. Worsens blood flow, and thus has many a smoker problems with potency.

Smoking is often added alcohol. It also has effects on spermatogenesis. Excessive intake of alcohol reduces testosterone production by 20% for 12 hours after you stop drinking. I beer is tricky. It contains large amounts of plant estrogen, which reduces male fertility that mimic female hormones.

Water from the tap not - Drink every day for at least two liters of fluid is essential for the health of the whole organism. What is important is what we drink. Studies show that in tap water are present female hormones that act on the fertility of both women and men. How to get there? "Boom" female contraception caused the excess female hormones goes to the sewer along with urine. A water treatment plants are not capable of such small particles removed from the water. Long-term infertility is a problem with the fish. It now appears that has an impact on our men's infertility. Therefore, when water and prefer bottled.

Power of Mind - Although it seems unlikely, i own mind and desire to have a child, your chances of conception increases. Portuguese scientists have shown that men who want a child to produce more testosterone than men who are not interested in the baby yet. When you are trying for a baby, think about it.

Be the bio
- pesticides and spraying against fungus destroys only pests on fruit and vegetables. They can completely stop the production of testosterone for 17 hours after ingestion. So if you do not own the garden fruits and vegetables purchased at the'd rather loupejte.

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