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Nail braces - painless solution for ingrown nails

This problem can torment a man badly. Today, in addition to the treatment of overturning a cutting and applying nail braces that work like braces on teeth. Painless method, however, is not for everyone.

Treatment with ornaments

Principle nail braces many years ago subrogation from surgeries dentists and adapted to be put to use to treat ingrown toenails. This problem is in the Czech Republic Podiatrists deal, experts on diseases of the feet.

How does it work?
Braces are put on the nail and gradually tightened - thus leveling the nail plate into the correct position.
The aim is to lift the edge of the nail so as to adapt to the side walls and then lift the nail plate to the desired height.
Metal wire after each visit sealed with a special gel which protects "stroječek" before any movement.
For ladies and children, experts are prepared decorations that can lay the braces - your fingernail can beautify such as ladybird or flower.

The procedure for straightening

The first visit includes consultation, examination, release the affected area, treatment and making the impression.
The next meeting with the doctor to put braces itself, the affected area is treated and the patient is informed of ongoing treatment.
It is also necessary to schedule 6-9 visits, ideally after 4-6 weeks, the gradual tightening of braces.
The total duration of therapy is about 8-10 months, but the exact time varies from case to case.

Sometimes braces do not help

Like any nail brace treatment have their pros and cons. Among the pros is undoubtedly painless and especially long-term outcome of therapy. During surgery overturning nail you is no guarantee that nail again grown some, whereas the nail braces if you cut the nails will be an expert and you do not wear narrow shoes, you nail remains aligned. However, when the ingrowth associated with bacterial or fungal infection or is very painful, overturning nail probably happen.

Although nail brace saw the light of day before quite a long time, the way our nails you are still very slow. It's probably due to the higher cost of treatment (several thousand dollars) and small patient information. However, if a successful and painless stand, do not hesitate to contact your family doctor or podiatrist.

Source: U lékař
Author: Jakub Holešovský expert uLékař

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