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Kia unveiled in Detroit Concept GT4 Stinger rear-wheel drive

Kia Motors America (KMA) goes back pure and glorious era of affordable sports cars. Auto Show NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) in Detroit revealed GT4 Stinger, the most aggressive Kia concept.

Development of design style Kia gathering with the introduction of the concept GT4 Stinger bold new direction. Not surprisingly, the GT4 Stinger is part of the California design studio, which has to its credit, the previous concept Track'ster of 2012. And as in the case of sports Track'steru not appeal only superficial matters.

"When designing the concept GT4 Stinger was priority number one driving pleasure,"
said Tom Kearns, chief designer, Kia Design Center America (KDCA). "It is a 2 +2 sports coupe digit, which impress with its looks in everyday traffic and at the same time it feels like home on the racetrack. It's about purity, simplicity and timelessness. GT4 Stinger is a throwback to a time when driving a car was an inner experience, the intensity of which do not mask the electronic inventions. "

Kia designers, encouraged by the success of sports cars in the GTS Optima Racing Pirelli World Challenge series, came to the project GT4 Stinger to reduce weight, improve performance and enhance sheer driving pleasure. The concept of eschews the traditional trimmings of a luxury car category Gran Turismo and focuses exclusively on the experience of a real link with the vehicle. "When someone questioned whether the ability to produce Kia car like GT4 Stinger," Kearns said, "I would simply point out Kia to race in America - and winning - in competition with the most legendary sports brands in the world. "

Partners Kia Racing and Kinetic Motorsports got the car Forte Koup in the 2012 championship in the drivers' and teams in the series Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. Currently preparing for last year's second place in the manufacturers turbocharged Optima cars racing for their third season in the series Pirelli World Challenge 2014.

Strength, balance and proven performance

Under the hood, the concept GT4 Stinger is saved proven turbocharged four-cylinder Kia 2.0 T-GDI direct injection, tuned to 315 horse power.
"Our Optima race cars use the same engine that can offer more than 400 horsepower," said Kearns. "Why nevlít our concept into a live performance, which people will see?"

The huge driving force is transmitted to the road via a six-speed direct shift gearbox with a short-gradation. The rear drive wheels are fitted with sports tires Pirelli P-Zero with the dimension 275/35 R20 Front wheel arches filled wheels with Pirelli P-Zero 235/35 R 20, which delivers outstanding levels of grip when cornering. Special 20 "alloy wheels, fixed central nut, are equipped with components from carbon fiber, which increase strength and reduce weight. The required braking power providing 15 "two-piece Drilled Brembo Gran Turismo discs with four-piston calipers.

Under the bodywork concept GT4 Stinger, painted yellow tint "Ignition Yellow", hides a special chassis with independent suspension all wheels on two transverse arms. GT4 Stinger has an aggressive proportions with a wheelbase of 2619 mm and a total length of 4310 mm. Weighing just 1,305 kg is almost evenly distributed between the axles (52 percent front and 48 percent rear). GT4 Stinger is also equipped with rack and pinion steering gear is steep, which provides direct feedback and uncompromising handling.

Simple design

Fans of designer style, defined by Peter Schreyer, president and chief designer of Kia Motors Corporation, will immediately recognize the key design elements of the concept GT4 Stinger. "The car we gave, drawing around 'look," says Kearns. "It feels as if the body panels are molded around the body structure and not simply welded to it." GT4 Stinger has a simple, yet dynamic silhouette. The latest interpretation of the characteristic Kia grille is positioned low on the ground to ensure maximum engine cooling and an optimal supply of cooling air. The frame grille is white with a multi-layer satin black border, which is a motif that is repeated in different places of the vehicle. S grille bordered on both sides of the vertical LED headlamps and the bumper are integrated openings for cooling air to the front brakes. Front skirt carbon composite increases downforce at high speeds and maintain front tire concept GT4 stinger in optimum contact with the ground.

The interior is purposeful and practical design. Pulling for aluminum door handles reveal their incredibly light weight, but their generous width makes it much easier to usedání leather-coated shell seats. On the floor, no carpet, just rubber floor mat under the aluminum pedals. Before the driver is steering wheel with a thick, flattened rim at the bottom and red backlit instrument panel with tachometer and a great indicator of the gear. In accordance with the racing focus has been the interior door handles replaced with a stylish belt loops. GT4 Stinger can do without luxury audio system. "Audio system we have under the hood and the speaker performs the exhaust pipe," said Kearns. Driving issue GT4 Concept exhausts Stinger sounds pleasing to the ear of every car enthusiast.

Although currently there are no plans to bring this concept into production, the Kia looks back on a long history of mass-produced cars that resemble concept cars that preceded them. GT4 Stinger in this sense, the real and very provocative hint of future Kia brand. Asked for whom it is intended GT4 Stinger, Kearns amused says: "It is totally selfish design. KCDA design team is full of fools' and enthusiasts and GT4 Stinger is the perfect vehicle for just this kind of people. "

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