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Winter holidays may not be just jumping

Most of the farms that offer in the Italian region of South Tyrol tourist accommodation and belongs to the association Roter Hahn, also offers visitors the opportunity to participate in farm life and try activities for the urban man may not be completely normal.

UPEC need bread, build a wall to be

Children as well as adults, can learn to farm what it is, take care of farm animals. Grooming horses, feeding cattle or even milking - these are just examples of activities in which farmers guests will dedicate. Has a long tradition in South Tyrol also baking bread. A number of farms has its own furnace and recipes for baked goods are inherited for many generations. No bread does not taste as good as hand-kneaded and just pulling out of the oven. While domestic bread is obviously homemade butter and cheese. On farms can monitor and test the whole process of milking, milk to taste the butter just utlučeného a range of dairy products, it is possible to take as a souvenir tasting at home.

Winter holidays not only on the slope

If, however, you still enticed snow-capped mountains, then your desire to meet near the Dolomites. They offer more than 30 ski areas, therefore his coming everyone, from beginners to adrenalin lovers. I cross-country skiers will also see perfectly groomed kilometers of tracks, a very popular area is located above or Reschenpass pustertal. If you prefer other winter sports, there is a wide offer. What you need to try skating in Anterselva, or perhaps a series of toboggan runs? And for those who yearn for romance, there is an option to ride in the sleigh.

From the cinnamon tart

And to all of you so we can do activities that you desire just to relax by the fireplace, let yourself be tempted by a delicate scent of cinnamon and clove, mixed with the smell of aged wood in the old homesteads. After a day will come in handy tea with herbs gathered on the hillsides around homesteads or even baked apple with honey and spices. For a taste certainly stand and various fruit cakes, gingerbread, stoles or local specialty - fruit bread Zelten.


About the Association Roter Hahn
Association Roter Hahn (Red Rooster) offers tourists a holiday spent on a farm in the picturesque surroundings of South Tyrol, the sunny region of the Italian Alps. The menu has more than 1,600 farms specialized in animal husbandry, cultivation of wine and fruit. Guests will find a year-round vacation rentals in the form of separate rooms with a cozy personal atmosphere, homemade cuisine and countless opportunities for active holidays and wellness.

Besides the possibility of a close familiar with life on a farm and taste the delicious local specialties - fresh milk, cheese, juice, bread and many other delicacies - the farms are a great starting point for exploring the area and offer countless opportunities for leisure. Visitors can choose from hiking to both road and mountain biking to downhill and cross-country skiing and other outdoor sports. Accommodation then provide direct families of farmers who know best how to prepare its guests a homely atmosphere and fulfill their dreams.

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