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MFA: recommendations for travel to Sochi at the time of the Winter Olympics 2014

MFA: recommendations for travel to Sochi at the time of the Winter Olympics 2014 In connection with the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi, the Russian resort spa and its surroundings on 7 Second - 21, 3rd 2014 applied strict security measures and a number of limitations to the public. Some places, especially near the border and strategic facilities, including sports, will be closed to the public ..

From the press conference MZ paid to measures relating to the Winter Olympics in Sochi bring most important information and recommendations.

Consular assistance to the Czech Republic in the Russian Federation

The consular office in Sochi: 5th to 24 Second 2014
Ul Pervomajskaja 19, Sochi
Emergency line in Sochi +7 916 640 20 36
e-mail: ko.moskva @

The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Moscow / Moscow
Emergency Phone in Moscow +7 916 353 26 01

What can the embassy help

In case of loss of passport issued travel card
Inform relatives in an accident or death
To assist in the repatriation of sick, injured or deceased
Passing information to relatives in case of arrest (if the citizen restraint on freedom of requests)

What assistance embassy can not provide

Ensure Olympics tickets
Pay bills, fines, fees, hospital stay, deposit
Finance another stay abroad for loss of funds
To guarantee care in hospitals or treatment in prisons at a higher level than the local standard
Conduct investigations infringement intervene in ongoing legal proceedings
Transpose cost search or rescue operations, the cost of repatriation of deceased to the home country or funeral expenses

Before traveling to the Russian Federation need to have:

valid passport - min. 6 months after the stay in RF!
visa (Czech) - must be equipped before the trip (RF applies to reporting requirements)
commercial travel medical insurance to cover the entire trip and stay, incl. repatriation expenses
sufficient funds (for games only payment card VISA or cash)

We recommend to register prior to travel at the DROZD

Observe safety principles

Pay close attention to your personal belongings.
Do not wear much or all the cash with you, leave the rest in a safe place.
Currencies Only change in official exchange offices.
When visiting bars and nightclubs to be cautious.
Do not take photos or strategic military objects - bridges, ports, airports, etc.

Prohibited Items

Items prohibited by law, including RF. Weapons, sharp objects, explosives, drugs and psychotropic substances, flammable, toxic and poisonous substances.
Liquid Packing greater than 0.33 liters, alcoholic beverages, glass containers and bottles.
Drugs in quantities of more than 1 pack, 3 species and 100 ml
Large bags or suitcases
Flags and banners larger than 2x1 m
Promotional materials
Items imitating or resembling the aforementioned prohibited items

Ensuring security in Sochi

They expect the comprehensive security measures by the Russian authorities to end the Winter Olympics
Strict security measures can be expected at the airport in Adler Sochi
Entry of vehicles in Sochi will be very limited and carefully controlled
Observe the event organizers and security forces, in the case of control Russian police remain calm, follow their instructions and do not be in dispute.


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Source: TK Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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