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One hundred animals baptizes album Fat boy with a bee in his pants

One hundred animals baptizes album Fat boy with a bee in his pants The party Fat boy with a bee in his pants at a special concert will take place in Liberec, Prague, Pilsen and Brno, the band performs the entire album menu, accompanied by a couple of old hitovek. All concerts will be in the afternoon ("for little kids") and an evening version ("great for kids"), the audience will determine if he sets out its small branches at 15.00 or greater teenagers themselves or evening. All are not only an epic scene, new songs, dear guests, as well as many other překvápek.

Awaken your child an animal!
If you are long wake ...

Subject bit "different" songs were in the air for several years not only because of the 18 children who are members of the band ... Songwriter and saxophonist Tomas Belko pulled out of the drawer texts that often formed already in his adolescence, is added several current and established so far the most playful and varied album of the band, where the music is signed by the singer and percussionist John Kalina and is thus the "married" project this age-old artistic duo.

In the lyrics of 15 songs and one poem, which can be found on the album, whether it's disgusting chihuahua, Lamy and windbreaks, met Crow Pelican Real clams, Hacienda or prunes, are based on rozpočítadel, fables or children říkaček, but Tomáš Belko is shifts in meaning roughly into "their" world and a special children lavish. Sometimes it works, that animals also recorded his harshest album, but the aged father and teaching experience of both authors is clear: the child is an equal partner and therefore does not need to not be underestimated, but not unnecessarily spoil ...

In music, which is his handwriting typically rhythmic, Honza Kalina pays tribute to his favorite bands and across genres. That's why we find not only ska and reggae, but the old swing, doo-wap, Latin, ethno, rockabilly and military march. In short, the attempt of a small music encyclopedia, that children have a chance to become familiar with the genres that play on the radio too.

On the album, in addition to the complete assembly of ten hundred animals (Jana Jelínková - vocals, John Kalina - vocals, percussion, Jan Ladybug Šobr - guitar, Petr Tavern - vocals, keyboards, Wilco Versteeg - bass, Miki Nop - drums, Tomas Belko - tenor saxophone, George Hanzlík - baritone sax, Martin Duck Fox - trombone, Paul Herzog - trumpet) permanent co-host of the band: vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Filip Nebřenský, Markéta Smejkalová saxophonist, vocalist Alena Průchová, Catherine Augustinová, Zuzana Ďurdinová and many more.

Each song also has a sort of patron saint, which is extremely popular The animals personality and is a master in his field, however absurd plays the instrument. And so you hear on the album Radim Hladik play on a tennis racket, Marek Eben rain stick rattle, Jaroslava Svěcený play a bow on a hanger bars Polakova applaud Francis Kopa bubble in a straw soda, Robert Kodyma play on an inflatable balloon, Jaroslava Uhlíře the triangle, George Macháčka march, David Black to play the guiro, theater VOSTO5 pods, European champion in boxing glove Andrew Palu play the bass drum and many other favorites of the band performing in a completely unexpected the parts.

Album Fat boy with a bee in his pants became 01.12 2013 as well as four previous albums Sto animals on the label 100PROmotion.

The party Fat boy with a bee in his pants:

1 February 2014 - Liberec - Folk sets (15:00 19:30 h)
February 2, 2014 - Prague - Palac Akropolis (15:00 and 19:30 h)
February 15, 2014 - Plzen - Buena Vista Club (15:00 and 19:30 h)
March 1, 2014 - BRNO - Fleda (15:00 to 20:00 h)

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