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FORUM Karlin nearing completion

FORUM Karlin nearing completion FORUM Karlin is a cultural and social hall, which grows in Pernerova street in Prague 8 as part of a multifunctional project Vision Park Karlin. Shell construction of this hall that can seat up to 2,000 seated and 3,000 standing spectators, is already completed and currently being implemented interior installations, catering facilities, sanitary facilities and installation of rigging. The Czech cultural scene in the spring will most modern multifunctional hall with the required capacity, equipment and facilities.

FORUM Karlin designed by famous Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill and the Prague studio AED project offers a unique modern spaces for concerts, conferences, cultural and social events in the two floors above ground and one basement floor. Construction was started in August 2011 and its final approval is scheduled for the spring of this year.

FORUM Karlin, thanks to the flexible divider system and two galleries and a spacious foyer useful for events of various sizes - from small to large cultural or social events with thousands of guests. The hall will be silenced and will also prevent the transmission of vibration in both the office space located above the hall, as well as the surroundings. "Obviously, we focused on an exceptional acoustic comfort inside the hall. We developed a 3D surround sound model, which has been designated for this hall with a capacity of 25,000 m3 optimum reverberation time. We also based on this model, the kind of materials for different surfaces around the room so that your visitors can not only enjoy the perfect sound at the concert, but also at the conference, or even a fashion show, "says Tomáš Kadeřábek, project manager. It completes the installation of a dense suspension system (so-called rigging), which allows the installation of stage technology weighing up to several tens of tons.

The organizers certainly appreciate sophisticated logistical accessibility multipurpose hall. Engineers designed the floor easily accessible supply, including trucks such as the sound system. For unloading various equipment Performers will serve a special ramp with easy access directly into the hall. There will be a freight elevator. Authors of the project thought to the television transmission vehicles, which will be reserved for parking on the beach between two buildings of the project.

This area will also have the latest technical equipment. In addition to the three permanent bars will be installed, for example, and other mobile bars for refreshments spectators in the hall and on both albums, which will be ready for mount points. For performers and production will be a total of 18 rooms for dressing rooms and offices. Spaces in the background can be joined, thus changing their size as needed.

Final inspection of the building is scheduled for spring 2014.
Detailed information about the project can be found here .

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