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Mental masochism men

For some men, I noticed a strange phenomenon: tolerate or even approve it when other men - or even themselves - they come in divorce on children.

Why not deal with this mental masochism? One would say they want to include them! But by far not the only man.

These are mainly children
need both parents, even if they are not together. Some men might be foolish to think that leaving the lives of children make them of the situation. How very much mistaken ... the kids lose half their family. They will remain a bitter memory of how easy it is to father left. The fact that he is longing for somewhere bothering them, they will not know.

The flagellant attitude of men came across Dr. Bachelor. In an excellent article , "How immature mother displace the father of life for children , "writes:
"For some readers (fathers) of this article, the author observed a paradoxical reaction. Even though they themselves have experienced and endured much, yet they are the obvious raw reluctant to accept the truth, looking rather own mistakes and apologies for the actor. Be true too hot, or incorporated taboo "moms did not behave badly", or both. "

In the article "Men and Domestic Violence" I wrote a similar position:
"Men are allowed gradually pushed into a corner. A big part of this is their chivalry, but also rivalry. "

Yes, we have even more influence acting - male rivalry. When the father leaves, can get a greater say in the family of his father-in-law. Weaning fathers from their children but encourage, in particular mothers lovers who want to play the dad of foreign children.

Less rivalry and more solidarity there would obviously hurt. Moreover, even in this case can apply: Who the treats, comes around. Those who took over another partner with a child and made ​​with her ​​own child, later often followed the fate of his former rivals ...

However, let us return back to the exaggerated chivalry, or intellectual masochism: the willingness to give up their own children. Men would be here - and only here - need to add some of the lost confidence in relation to women. I fight in order to be able for it to remain a full-parent their children.

Do not do it just for me, but because of them.

Author: Ing. Aleš Hour, dr. hc
Source: Stří

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