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When and in danger of pneumococcal meningitis

It is a very serious infection, often causing permanent damage or even death. Risk factors include diabetes, alcoholism, head injury, etc. If you want to have peace, bet on vaccine Prevenar 13 - that you can protect against dangerous diseases.

Early treatment is essential

Pneumococcal meningitis or encephalitis is a severe, sometimes life-threatening infection, when inflammatory cerebrospinal changed the packaging protects the brain and spinal cord.
Transmitted kapénkovým way, as for example flu.
There are many types of pneumococci, some are quite commonly found in healthy individuals, especially the mucous membranes of the nose (more in children than in adults), but not all are capable of causing meningitis.
20% of patients die due to this disease.
50% had a history of meningitis lasting consequences - mostly deafness, mental retardation and movement disorders.
Pneumococcal meningitis is solved with antibiotics administered by injection, an essential factor in the chance of recovery is the timely filing of treatment.

Remember the signs!

The basic symptoms of meningitis include:
high fever, usually sudden,
severe headaches,
nausea and vomiting,
fatigue, confusion, sleepiness,
photophobia, phonophobia - intolerance to light and sound,
stiff neck.

Risk Factors

Age. Pneumococcal meningitis can infect a person at any age, but is most common in young children up to 4 years of age and elderly over 60 years.
Diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a disease that significantly weakens the immune system of man. It is then much more susceptible to various infections, pneumococcal meningitis exception.
Alcoholism. Alcoholics have a compromised immune system, usually in addition generally not in good health. Therefore they infection occurs more severe way.
Past history of meningitis. Unless I was caused by another originator is impaired so-called blood-brain barrier (a protective barrier between brain and blood) and infection is easier to change in the meninges.
Open head injury. If the breach of security, which provides the brain skull is greatly facilitated entry of any infection in the brain and meninges.
Inflammation of the middle ear. From this area is easy to transfer bacteria to the meninges. Inflammation of the middle ear is also very often caused by pneumococcus right.
Missing spleen. Excluding the spleen can very well live, whether a person is born without it, or it will be lost due to such accidents. But it is a body which makes a significant contribution to the immune system, and an individual without the spleen is more susceptible to bacterial infections, including those pneumococcal dangerous.

Get vaccinated

The market is Prevenar 13 vaccine available that protects against most strains of the invasive pneumococci - are those that can cause serious illnesses such as pneumonia or meningitis. In adults, a single dose of vaccine is sufficient. Consult the possibility and appropriateness of Prevenar 13 vaccination with their doctor.


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