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How to prepare for eye surgery

If you in the near future awaiting eye surgery, well you make sure you have all the necessary equipment in advance. The eye is the most important human senses, and if it operation for a while longer operational, can we do in everyday life cause considerable problems.

Careful preparation is important, therefore, that the actual operation went smoothly as far as possible and without complications.

What to do in advance

When in advance you make all the important training, your recovery after surgery will ease and without undue stress.

Arrange for a ride - after surgery should in any case not drive a car. Ask a family member or friend to help you after surgery to transport home.

Postoperative care - prepare in advance and buy everything you need for postoperative care of their operated eye. Maybe you will throw sunglasses or eye drops, more detailed information will surely consult your physician.

The list of drugs - Build a list of all the medicines you take, and their dosage. Probably you they will ask before surgery. If after surgery to stay in hospital for some time, do not forget to bring a sufficient amount of their medicines.

Informed consent - all the forms that you will need to sign before the surgery, please contact in advance with detailed information about the planned surgery. Carefully read everything on time and ask for whatever you will not be clear.

Omit make-up - at least the day before surgery, you should avoid using any makeup, which can become a dangerous source of postoperative infection.

Remain calm - perhaps you will feel anxious and nervous, but this is completely normal. Do not get your feelings out of balance, and beware of alcohol at least 24 hours before surgery.

The above rules are general, others specific advice and recommendations, however, depends on the type of surgery you will undergo. Your doctor or nurse should give you everything you need to communicate to you, however, to make their instructions arranged in advance. Keep in mind that operated on the eye may be difficult to common tasks at once.

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