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Diet affects the growth of a child more than his ethnicity

New standards issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that all children in the world have the same potential to reach the same height and weight. Taking into account both genetics and the socio-economic situation.

Individuality group does not endanger

Although there between individual children considerable differences regarding height, average growth is remarkably similar. For example, children from India, Norway and Brazil have similar growth dynamics, provided that they are from an early age provided the right conditions for healthy growth. Child growth and far more influenced by nutrition, diet, and its regularity and availability of health care, for example, than genetics or ethnicity.

Capture timely nutritional disorders

All these criteria take into account the new WHO standards, so that doctors, parents and social workers have a complex material, which is easy and quick to assess whether or not children's needs are met. WHO from the document promises that it will be possible to capture a timely manner, growth disorders associated with malnutrition or vice versa overweight or obesity in children.

The result of many years of exploration

The new standards are the result of intensive study, launched by WHO in 1997 to create international standards for assessing the physical growth, nutritional status and motor development in all children from birth to five years of age. The project involved more than eight thousand children from all over the world: Brazil, Ghana, India, Norway, Oman and the United States of America. Children in the study were selected on the basis of an optimal environment for proper growth - in childhood were adequately fed, they were provided adequate medical care, were born to mothers nekuřačkám and meet other criteria for healthy growth.

The standards are based on breastfed infants as normal growth and development. This brings consistency between the tools used to assess growth and national and international guidelines on infant feeding when breastfeeding is recommended as the optimal source of nutrition during infancy.

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