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10 reasons to buy clothes in the 'cutters'

There are people who would himself never took anything wearing already worn by someone else. And there are those who dress shop second hand occasionally visit when they need to save or looking for something unusual. But then there are people who are buying second-hand, vintage shops or bazaars literally failed. Why? There are at least ten reasons.

As environmental server must first mention of course the ecological point of view. If someone gave clothes to the bazaar or charity, it is clear that arose waste that would need to be diverted from landfill or incinerated. And if you wear the same clothes, then another one, have not even waste from the manufacture of new clothes that he probably bought instead. Thing just serves on, just someone else.

The second reason is of course the price. Cheapest chain of clothes already, although sometimes more expensive second handům price treading on his heels. But they can never catch up with second handovou offer the same quality. Clothes made ​​of quality materials from reputable brands "for peanuts" can really only get second hand.

Second hands are ideal for buying children's clothing at a time when kids grow out of clothes, perhaps even before they caught him dressed again. Investments in getting new clothes for growing offspring would be many parents need a bottomless wallet or donkey from the famous fairy tale.

Because the clothing is cheap, it is not necessary to be afraid to buy a not entirely fitting clothes and let him to alter his character, which may seem expensive goods at too risky. Or do you let yourself. Creative souls in stores with cheap clothing ever buy such as size XL only because of quality material. It can be used on their own ideas, not only applies to clothing.

Buyers in second hand can become an investigator in the field of fashion, the discoverer own new styles and color combinations. It is not to vases of this year's fashion trends. And he has almost one hundred percent sure that in the same clothes he meets on the street anybody else.

Too cheap clothes, events, and more and more discounts may also have the opposite effect. The wallet is empty as well as when the person bought in ordinary shops, but a wardrobe bursting at the seams. Yes, even in the trade in used clothes, especially the more luxurious in larger cities, can spend thousands.

Luckily you can get rid of cheap clothes with less remorse than the expensive and send them to the third, fourth round. Donate friends, charity or offer in the bazaar.

Another benefit "chisel" is that the clothes were already at least one washing or cleaning. Manufacturer of substandard materials because you just fooled. Shifted seams or tendency to fluff it is visible. But no need to worry, that everything is in second hand clothing worn. Sometimes, on the contrary, it seems that any piece of discarded its former owner, without him had ever worn.

Not only abroad but here are some second hand and bazaars based on charity. By purchasing them, or their podarováním their useless things, including clothes, you can also do a good deed.

Second hand is the place to meet people of different professions and destiny. Buy the people for whom fashion is a hobby and people who have to turn every penny twice. I meet the students, moms, office worker and male. Some also become a sort of trade "regulars" who recognize not only the service, but also with each other. So, if you are just another customer does not buy you vyhlídnutý coat in front of your nose, there's often a pleasant mood.

When shopping in thrift stores, it is necessary to arm yourself with patience. Especially at the beginning. Maybe it takes a while before you find just the "your" store. But when he can find, then you will rarely leave empty-handed. Conversely, the more necessary not to get distracted and go only for the specific rack with a search type of clothing or color. A nerozhlížet or rather the right or left.

The author: Zdeněk Vítková

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