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Hepatitis C: Do not be afraid to talk about it!

Living with a chronic disease related to respect her limitations and be prepared for a possible deterioration in health is by no means simple. Do not allow such diseases to disrupt interpersonal relationships is because while difficult, but very important task.

Silence is not a solution

For people suffering from hepatitis C is a disease often their social stigma. They feel inferior, unnecessary and often rather isolated from the surroundings. To their disease, at least according to the patient's wishes, are treated with contempt and fear. It is therefore not surprising that disability is afraid to talk about their disability. The presence of such a secret, but not good interpersonal relationships.

Nervousness alternates relief

Support for family and close circle of friends in times of illness is more important than ever. That is why it is necessary to such persons be open and honest, even when it comes to such an important and personal information, such as infection difficult to treat viral hepatitis. Initial fears of bad news surrounding adoption are often given way to a feeling of relief after the all-important spoken. Furthermore, not everything is always so black as it seems.

Researchers using questionnaires documented the following:
Almost 75% of those infected with hepatitis C believes the fact that they are in the minds of healthy people only ranked among drug addicts.
In fact, thus meaning only 30% of respondents.
Yet even this number is not negligible and may be one reason for the stigmatization of people with hepatitis C.

Know your illness

The reaction to the fact that you suffer from a chronic infectious disease, it may not always be positive. Usually the cause is a combination of:
fear of their own infection,
Fear of ill health,
uncertainty of the future.

Therefore, the need for such interview preparation, which includes, among others, knowledge of medical facts about the disease itself.

Source: Viral

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