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Documentary film director Josef Hotelier Abrhám ml. collects honors

Documentary film director Josef Hotelier Abrhám ml. collects honors Picture of Joseph Abrhám ml. Hotelier who brought to the screen old actress Guard Drama Club, won the award of the Czech Film and Television Association FITES (Jury Prize Trilobite), also nominated for the Czech Lion for Best Documentary. She has been nominated for the Czech film critics in the same category.

"The film is the fulfillment of the original content of the word document: nepřikrášleným record attempt is John Drake, Vladimir Pucholt and Joseph Abrhám resurrect again the creative spark in a colleague, whose illness and old age seemingly eliminated from active life," was the justification of the Czech Film and Television Association FITES and Town Beroun Award of the Jury at the director Joseph Abrhám ml. Hotelier for film.

Other Awards

Nominations for the Czech Lion award in the category of documentary film.
Nominations for the Czech Film Critics Award in the category of documentary film.

Docudrama about playing, age, creating a solid friendship premiered 31st 10th 2013.

About the film

Initial situation of the film happened decisions theater director John Drake, who after more than forty years since the creation of the game Clock hotelier Paul Landovský decided that it Landovský to rehearse again. Second he had Vladimír Pucholt, Josef and Libuse Abrhám Šafránková. Drake but not so much it was not a return of famous actors before an audience as an attempt to rip Paul Landovský of lethargy that enfant terrible of Czech actors due to their condition become subject ...

Film Hotelier is not a mere record of testing the game, but also an intimate look into the relationships between the different protagonists. It's not a classic document, because the boundaries between DJing, creating a record of reality in it too thin. Film and reflects not only the aging of outstanding Copyright actors, but also their relationship to the modern world and the disappointment of how it looks today Czech film and theater. It tells us about their fears, desires and pursuit of still give their best.

Expression of actors:
"For me personally it was very exciting. I knew that this film is not common, spun him my son, and in addition, a lot of insight into privacy. "Josef Abrhám

"It was a surprise that the film managed to capture the testimony of a certain state of the world among people who are bursting emigration, misfortune and disease. Showed that there is something above the ordinary daily reality, and it makes me great personal satisfaction." Jan drake

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