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Kombat stopped or arctic frost

Zoo Praha managed to get two female combos south of New York. Transport, which is important for the entire European breeding, threatened the very last moment a strong frost in the USA.

"Two female combos southern managed to get from the Bronx Zoo after almost a year of negotiations. Their arrival threatened the very last moment of extreme weather in the United States, every effort would be wasted, "says the curator of mammals and breeding manager of the European studbook for combos southern Pavel Brandl." Both females eventually arrived in order, are in good shape and we believe that because of them manage to make two new breeding pairs. "

The coordinator of the North American Breeding contacted the Prague zoo to the local breeding program to ensure new blood. The resulting Czech-American exchange for the few populations in zoos on both continents is very significant.

Visitors can see Prague combos in South Africa pavilion close up in a joint exhibition of Daman and osináky.

South Kombat is found naturally in arid regions of Namibia, Botswana and other countries. He likes to dwell on acacia trees, whose sap widely consumed. They live in family groups of up to seven individuals who communicate with each call reminiscent of a baby crying. Kombai therefore says in English bushbabies, bush children. Zoo still leads the European studbook for kombu eared, in which the breed has long been among the best in the world.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
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