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To help Ukraine will travel 500,000 from the Club of Friends of People in Need

People in Need is released from CZK 500,000 to help the Friends of Ukraine. Assistance will be victims of violence, persecution and targeted persecution during the protests, if necessary, to their families. In particular, it is intended to medical assistance, legal assistance and long-term development of the Ukrainian civil society and non-governmental organizations.

"The situation from the beginning with a voltage monitor and we tried, along with many others from Europe, peaceful demonstrations and participants in the first phase of support, at least symbolically. In Kiev example, heading Czech bands play on Maidan Square. Now, with the escalation of violence and the deterioration of the situation, even in the context of the hastily adopted laws, and increasing detention and arrests respond to the immediate need of assistance. The specific case of people. In addition to direct assistance to victims of violence and their families will likely increase the need for legal assistance to detainees. "Says the director of People in Need Simon Panek.

Increasingly, there are cases of violence against demonstrators, activists, and journalists, whether from the emergency services or unidentified attackers. In the last week, so for example, were abducted from the hospital by unknown perpetrators Igor and Yuri Lutsenko Verbickij. Lutsenko said later that the kidnappers took the two men into the woods, brutally beat them while asking the organization of demonstrations and their role in them. Verbickij day after the kidnapping was found dead. According to Human Rights Watch, there are reasons to think that the hijackers acted "in cooperation with the police and secret services." Two protesters were shot dead last week, according to some accounts sniper.

The demonstration began in November as an expression of dissatisfaction over the decision of President Yanukovych not to sign an association agreement with the EU, which they perceived as a threat pro-European orientation of the country. After attempts by the authorities gradually disperse violent protests intensified until the beginning of December to the largest of the demonstrations were about half a million people.

In addition, last week became effective package of repressive laws like in Russia nálepkují nonprofit organizations as "foreign agents" limit the freedom of the media and the Internet and introducing a whole new set of prohibitions (eg, car-driving ban to create a column of more than five cars or prohibition build tent on the street).

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