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Grow at home you little athlete or athlete?

Grow at home you little athlete or athlete? Bring your kids to Harp Gallery and you will be clear ..

On the occasion of the International athletic meeting, to be held in late February at the O2 Arena, Harp Gallery has prepared a weekend program called Athletics for children. There will be first and 2 February 2014 10 to 18 hours and allows children 4 to 11 years old to try out a variety of athletic disciplines.

Children can also inspire and obtain a signature from the largest domestic athletic stars such as Luke undoubtedly Melich and Zuzana Hejnová. For their interest and effort to try something new are prepared for all children small gifts.

Czech top athletes has a wide range, but unlike football, hockey or tennis athletics in terms of popularity general public is still a little forgotton. And that's a shame, because it offers a wide range of disciplines, which can engage and develop their skills.

Popularization of athletics in children is the goal of the project, which will be featured in the Gallery Harp. Children can test children's athletic polyathlon, jump or children's shot put. All activities will be supervised by professionals who assess on the spot, what discipline the child who best "fit".

"The inspiration for children can also be autographing our famous athletes. Specifically, on Saturday 1st February, from 13.30 to 14.30 will sign Malich Lukáš, Czech representative in the hammer throw. On Sunday 2nd February at the same time will give out autographs and steeplechase runner Zuzana Hejnová, "says Martina thick, marketing coordinator Harp Gallery. Each program participant may also enjoy the small prizes and those with the greatest happiness then on tickets for international athletics meeting.

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