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dTest ESC and warn of the most common scams on the Internet

dTest ESC and warn of the most common scams on the Internet Every eighth Europeans ever encountered with internet fraud and every twelfth faced theft of personal data. Europol states that criminals worldwide internet users annually robbed of 9,454 billion, which is more than the gains from trade in marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined.

European Consumer Centres Network (ECC) examined with such scams, consumers usually find on the internet. "Common feature of Internet fraud is apparent credibility dealers. Scammers can still give more care to the victims in their arouse any suspicion, "warns Luke Green, Head of the Legal Advisory dtest. Most fraud can be traced back offers cheap electronics and used cars from other EU countries, are dangerous and service offerings on the free trial, called phishing, dating or fraudulent sale of tickets to sporting and cultural events. Just a moment of inattention while operating on-line services on your phone or computer and may result in financial loss, invasion of privacy or even life-threatening.

"The growing phenomenon of the online offer of counterfeit goods which are offered under favorable conditions on site looking like e-shop official distributor with outlet goods, including trusted web addresses," says Tomáš Večl, Director of the European Consumer Centre in the Czech Trade Inspection. Companies operating such e-shop but usually located outside the European Union if the consumer of goods ordered and pay transfer risk being forged in the control of customs authorities seized and destroyed usually. Consumers lose their money because they fail to contact the seller, who mostly use fake contact information. "In some states it is a criminal offense and even the purchase of counterfeit goods, consumers thus exposing the threat of criminal prosecution. Not to mention that some goods may be hazardous to health or life - such as pharmaceuticals and automotive parts, "adds Luke Green.

Before approaching winter Olympics is in place warning before buying inexpensive tickets. Sufficient grounds for increased attention should be consumers who at the Games in London bought tickets for your loved ones for € 3,000, tickets were never delivered. It turned out that this was an unauthorized distributor, which for Season Sale 15 up to 20 thousand fake tickets cashed in around 5 million euros.

dTest and ESC unison advises consumers to be cautious when buying a unknown seller a good test.

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