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Faulty gas appliances and clogged chimney carry deadly danger!

Faulty gas appliances and clogged chimney carry deadly danger! Heating and hot water by gas boiler or heater is very economical and comfortable, it is necessary to ensure the technical condition of the equipment and not to underestimate the air supply to the installation site.

Particular attention should be paid mainly to "chimney" appliances. The gas burner is consuming oxygen from the room where it is located, and gas combustion produces carbon monoxide, which can cause fatal poisoning. Together with the experts we have prepared some tips on how to reduce the risk of these accidents.

Use gas appliances with flue fuse

Thermal fuse flue gas safety a key part of the flue gas appliance. Especially for older devices, this insurance does not work or is completely absent. "Fuse monitors the temperature of the flue gases in the flue to the chimney. If the flue gas temperature for some time, usually sixty seconds, rises above the threshold value, it means that a poor chimney draft and the appliance is automatically taken out of operation, "describes the behavior of thermal fuses Roman Švantner, product manager ENBR, which sells and service of heating equipment. Appliances that are not equipped with thermal fuse, the problem in the flue not recorded, and hazardous gases then ends in the room where the appliance is installed. If you are using an older heater without flue fuses, consider investing in a more modern and safer equipment. Devices without fuses flue must be installed in living rooms!

Ensure good ventilation

The room in which there is a gas appliance must be adequately ventilated. Especially in the bathroom, where is usually located karma or gas water heater, there is a case of insufficient fresh air choking hazard. The gas burner is consuming oxygen from the air, which may then be in a room shortage. Problems with the supply of air and then completely eliminated for appliances such as "C", to ensure the air intake from outside. The exact parameters of ventilation with a gas appliance standard specifies TPG70401. When placing these devices in operation it is necessary to conduct a professional company to measure whether spaces are adequately ventilated.

Do not underestimate maintenance and inspection

Older gas appliance can operate reliably and safely, but his condition is good technical condition. Each water heater, heater or boiler should be checked once a year service technician. Under the revision, while pay about CZK 1,000, but you get the certainty that your boiler or heater operates smoothly and safely. In addition, the service technician cleans the burner, check that your ignition rid of dust inside of the device and, if necessary, replace the small parts such as gaskets and seals and membranes.

Attention to the condition of the chimney

On road safety "chimney" of gas appliances significantly contributes also a good technical condition of the chimney. It clogged chimney is often the cause of poor flue. In addition, if the appliance has a gas flue gas temperature fuse, the disaster is really just a step away. Every chimney should regularly inspect the chimney sweep, which also removes any packing. If you are the owner of the house, periodic inspection of the chimney underestimate. Not apply the presumption is that if you do not use solid fuel boiler, you do not need a chimney sweep. If you live in an apartment, ask about the condition and maintenance of the chimney of the owner or the person who has the maintenance of the house in the community of owners in charge.

What can you do to increase the security of your gas appliances

Whether it is a boiler or storage or instantaneous water heater, buy only such device that has a thermal fuse flue gas.
Ensure good ventilation in the room where the gas appliance is located.
Keep the appliance is in good condition and every year it checked by qualified personnel.
If possible, place the appliance into the utility room, not the bathroom.
Watch the flawless condition of the chimney. Periodic Inspection chimney sweep should be obvious.

Do not underestimate the danger of poisoning due to the improper operation of gas appliances

According to the Czech Statistical Office last year in the Czech Republic accidentally gassed 77 people. A large part of these cases are, in the opinion of experts of carbon monoxide poisoning due to improper installation or operational defects of gas appliances. In any case of obsolete and defective gas equipment is especially the following risks:
Suffocation due to lack of oxygen - burning gas consumes oxygen in the air. In case of insufficient ventilation may its contents in the air enough to reduce the rapidly increasing risk of fainting and suffocation.
Poisoning by carbon monoxide (CO)
- This insidious and highly toxic gas enters the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing compounds, including natural gas. Occurs mainly in poor functioning of the burner and the lack of access of air to the appliances. First aid in poisoning the immediate administration of oxygen. Carbon monoxide does not smell and is lighter than air.
Poisoning by carbon dioxide (CO2)
- particularly in low flue gas can at the people in the room with gas appliances cause poisoning with carbon dioxide, which starts to accumulate in the area. This unbreathable gas is dangerous already at a concentration of 8-10%.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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