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Sugar helps heal wounds? Maybe yes

Method of use of sugar in treating injuries were described as revolutionary after major achievement has been the patient in Birmingham. For this procedure is a university doctor Moses Murandu originating from Zimbabwe, who now performs additional testing and studies.

The first breakthrough

With the new method, "sweet" therapy came first doctor father Moses Murandu. It consists in the use granulated sugar, which helps in wound healing and reduces pain. After arriving in Britain to Murandu noted that this procedure is not used in most countries. Therefore soon became head of the research study to reveal the effectiveness of sugar in patients with lesions such as ulcers, amputation or bedsores.

Sample case

Patient Alan Bayliss is an amputee and is now treated using a revolutionary new therapy sugar. Due to extensive ulcer him was in January 2013 right leg amputated above the knee. Part of the operation was the elimination of a vein from his left leg. In the postoperative period were both wounds (after amputation of the right leg and remove the vein on the left) initially treated with conventional methods. However, instead of his left leg did not want to heal. Murandu therefore transferred the patient to treatment with sugar.
Already after two weeks the wound Mr Bayliss noticeably diminished and began to heal.
His wound was initially huge and needed the whole package of sugar. Already after 2 weeks only had 5 teaspoons.
Bayliss was the first to treat this very distrustful and skeptical, but now it is overwhelmed by its efficiency.
In the words of the patient is a miraculous method.

Bacteria no chance

Murandu is now approximately half smaller randomized controlled study, which involves treatment of various wounds in 35 patients using sugar. Yet, this therapy seems highly effective and without adverse side effects. Why?
The bacteria in the wound require water for their growth.
The ability of sugar absorb water and remove it from the wound and cause it to stop dividing bacteria, grow and eventually die.

Treatment of wounds with sugar and maybe in the future solution for those patients in whom previous medical procedures do not work too.

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