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Fake Insurance Association - a new practice of insurance agents

The hotline dtest turned a consumer who contacted the Association of Insurance Companies of the Czech Republic, supposedly in order to control the life insurance contract. Except for a personal meeting with a representative of a non-existent organization also presented as a worker brokerage company.

Insurance Association of the Czech Republic does not exist, the only real oborou organizations Czech Insurance Association . The names are similar, but the consumer is the essential difference. "So-called Czech Association of Insurance is not only an imaginary body, which is backed by the operator during the negotiation meetings consumers with insurance agents. He then offers consumers a new contract from which the commission, and it often causes the cancellation of the original, even favorable contracts, "warns Luke Green, Head of the Legal Advisory dtest.

Callers operator knows the party's personal data and claims that the Association has a legal obligation to control his life insurance. "Law no obligation to check the terms of contracts and provides, together with false claims about the existence of the Czech Association of Insurance Companies, therefore, is a deceptive trade practice under the Consumer Protection Act , "the procedure to debunk Luke Green. The aim of the call is arranging a meeting with a representative of the Association, which then communicate to consumers that also works for a brokerage company. It's just another way to get consumers into the home.

"We strongly warn consumers to pre-verify the identity of the caller organizations and people with which they have to meet. It must resist the pressure, on the site do not disturb any contract and insist on sufficient time to examine all documents and policy conditions, "says Luke Green.

Garbled in this case are not only consumers, but also insurance companies and other institutions, including the official organization - Czech Insurance Association. Luke Green adds: "This conduct violated the Code of Ethics in Insurance, which Czech Insurance Association issued. At the same time in terms of unfair competition, should therefore defend itself and the insurance company. "

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