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New film Angelika again in Czech language

New film Angelika again in Czech language From the international premiere of Angelica, awnings angels expires in December this year exactly fifty years. A new processing unforgettable story that originated with the contribution Barrandova also in the Czech Republic, has a domestic theatrical release on February 27 already.

Czech version of the film occurs after almost five decades of re-dubbing studios at Barrandov.

The dramatic story of the beautiful Angélique de Sancy knows, thanks to the unforgettable film processing Mercierorovu with Michelle and Robert Hossein almost everyone.
The creators of a new process as a starting point for work on Angelica chose just a return to the original books Anne Golonové.

The film directed by Ariel Zeitoun was filmed in 2012 in large part in the Czech Republic, for example, to lock in Telc. Angelica plays Nora Arnezeder, Joffrey then Gérard Lanvin. Service provided for filming in the Czech Republic by Wilma Film, a longtime business partner Barrandov Studio. Barrandov Studio producers provide facilities for staff and Barrandov Fundus significantly contributed to the expedition image (props quest for the Czech side managed experienced Stanislav Lukšan).

The shoot went nearly two thousand props and accessories.

"Angelika is further evidence that foreign producers are returning to the Czech Republic in particular with regard to the functioning of film incentives. A riveting stories with an international cast come to us for professional film infrastructure, extremely experienced staffs and beautiful locations. In today's film industry, however, we require a significant investment to help the state, "says CEO Barrandov Studios Petr Tichý." In our work to foreign producers are just governments of neighboring countries today our largest competitors. "

Piece of film history is back ...

Unforgettable Czech dubbing to the first episode of the original Angelica was founded in 1968 in the Studio for editing foreign films, even then part of the study at Barrandov. Picture voices under the director Čeňka Duby excellent way actors headed by Libuse Švormovou (Angelika) and Joseph Langmilerem (Joffrey de Peyrac). And other actors who lent their voices to the immortal characters were, among others, Vladimir Brabec, Vinklář Josef, Eduard Cupák or flowers Purple.

New processing Angelique's story also received the Czech text in the dubbing studios at Barrandov. And this time his shooting by prominent Czech dubbing actors and specialists. "Main Actor talks Jan Stastny, Angelica Catherine Lojdová. In the film you will hear the voices of Otakar Scrimgeour as the younger Nicholas, Angelique's first lover, Andrew Brzobohatého in the role of young King or Andrew Vetchý as Philip, "says Barrandov Dubbing Ivana Prejdová." We are very pleased at the same time that we have to cast my way back i Mr. Vladimír Brabec, who was already in the original version of Angelica. "Czech amended directed by Petr experienced hurried translation was Anna Karenina, production drove Paul Draxlerová and sound engineer Peter was Posolda.

Angelika in our cinemas from 27 February 2014

The official trailer here .

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