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Book Kurz mental balance

Book Kurz mental balance Do not you feel well, you work over your head, to family problems, you live in constant stress. The therapist but do not want to go. Maybe ashamed or is it beyond your financial capabilities. Help comes from elsewhere: the book Kurz mental balance can help you get rid of stress, tension and anxiety from the comfort of home.

The author of the book - a psychologist Michael Peterková acquaints readers with useful methods to overcome anxiety and stress and cope with difficult life situations.
In fourteen sessions, which the reader through, explain everything you need, at the same time, however, he allowed the space and time for his ideas, knowledge and draw their own conclusions. "It's not just 'book," says the author, "it is primarily a space for activity and thinking, which will increase the efficiency of negotiation and improve the quality of life. "

The course is divided into 14 days / sessions, each of which contains four main parts:
self: the reader discovers their properties, thoughts, emotions, buried memories, etc.
information section: basic facts about important issues related to human well-being, such as anxiety and neurotic disorders, somatization, or about how the human psyche works rewards and punishments.
therapy - self-help section: specific recommendations on how to obtain mental balance.
tasks to meet the next day.

Each day, the reader should always go through a lesson. If it misses sometimes, do not worry, the next begins, once again it will be. But certainly would not go through more than one lesson a day, thereby reducing the benefits that the course may have. The human psyche needs time to process new ideas and knowledge. Work on one lesson takes about 20-30 minutes.

Kurz mental balance is written clearly, to complete the course without any knowledge of psychology. Since the current books on mental health, which contain only text to read, is fundamentally different in that it is interactive. The reader is an active participant - corresponds your observations, fills tests, record your thoughts, defines its own goals, seek appropriate ways to address problems, learn to distinguish between healthy and neurotic thoughts, etc.

The course also includes training such as autogenic training and relaxation breathing, creating daily plans, learning techniques STOP rule or seven times. Is there a lack of praise for the task, and the second and another chance to meet those missing. Notes book contains practical sheets to copy, with whom the reader can operate individually after completing the course.

"The course of mental balance is suitable for anyone who wants to overcome some difficulties in his personal life, in relationships or at work," explains Michael Peterková. "It will be appreciated by those who for some reason can not or do not want to seek the services of a therapist. I picked up useful knowledge from psychology and pressed their modern form. "

The course includes knowledge of several therapeutic schools and sanity. The therapeutic schools is the most significant cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is based on the fact that man is able desirable things to learn and unlearn undesirable.

Kurz mental balance is the ideal compromise between the need to resolve their situation, while the inability or unwillingness to seek professional psychological help. The book respects the reader's privacy, saves his time and money and at the same time contains reliable information and procedures guaranteed and certified many years of professional experience of the author.

About the author

Dr.. Michael Peterková is a psychologist, works as a private psycho-diagnostic, counseling and hypnotherapy practice. She is the author of popular educational articles (Psychology Today, Mladá fronta Dnes, Ona, flowers).

Sample of

STOP technique
STOP technique is a simple utility that allows you to break free from the power of thoughts and feelings,
of which do not want. To be freed from neurosis and personality grew up, among other things, needs to get their thoughts and emotions under greater control. Do not follow them, but to control them.

That the thoughts or feelings arise, it is largely automated, so far at least it will not solve. But it's up to you what to do with them next. Therefore, if you are attacked unwanted thoughts or emotions (eg related to the underestimation, anxiety, exaggeration and the like), concentrate and imagine a stop sign. This brand stands in the way of your anxiety. In the spirit or, if possible, even more loudly say, "Stop!" By a few dozen repetitions create in my head automatic program, which similarly neurotic thoughts stops right at the beginning.

Initially - after the cry "Stop!" - You can still continue. A stop sign in the image as much detail view, than to concentrate it - the colors, letters, shapes and materials. This procedure serves to divert attention - that you will present in detail the transport tag, automatically stop thinking about side issues or emotions.

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