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Bird of the Year 2014, the black stork and white stork

Czech Society for Ornithology Bird declared 2014 the two kinds of stork, black stork and white stork. Due to its uniqueness is the first white stork species that is becoming Bird of the Year for the second time - after exactly 20 years.

In addition, the stork symbolizes the return of spring, new life and general happiness, contributed to his election and that will be held on 7 Europe-wide census of white storks and 3rd national census of black storks.

"Storks attract the attention of so many people that we first decided the bird again," says Jiří Flousek, chairman of the CSO. "White Stork was one of the first birds of the year exactly 20 years ago. Now we recruited him and his lesser-known relative, the mysterious black stork. "

Both types will closely monitor this ornithologists and additions may involve everyone. "Stork's not a problem to know the chicks in the nest also calculates each, we look forward to a flood of data from observers around the state," says Zdeněk CSO Vermouzek. Everything you need will be published on a special website about Storks that CSO symbolically starts 12th March to St. Gregory. This is another in a series of projects by civil science, pioneered by us is precisely the CSO.

Although not among the most endangered species of storks, show us how the world around us changes. White storks gradually leaving the fertile lowlands flooded agricultural chemical products and move higher into the mountains, which makes them even climate change. In contrast, black storks from the previously shy forest bird that was hard just seen, are becoming increasingly common and often meet with them on stream in the middle of the village.

"It's amazing how the storks manage to cope with all the challenges that their man and nature in preparation" says Zdeněk Vermouzek. "In living memory have disastrous season last year, due to the prolonged rains, most died young in nests. Much worse consequences but the dry weather in wintering grounds. If dry oasis south of the Sahara, storks die by the hundreds and thousands. Unfortunately, the drought in Africa lately become more frequent, much like our frequent rains and floods. "Just reporting data on known nests Everyone can help protect their nesting storks in the country. And because storks with us quite successful, we have them for greater responsibility in Europe.

One of the great dangers they must face the storks are wires and pylons. I, therefore, the general sponsor of the bird in 2014 became E.ON Vladimir Vacha, Head, Group Communications firm E.ON Czech Republic sro, says: "We have become a general partner, because we feel responsible for the environment around us. Annually, we invest approximately 200 million CZK in the reconstruction of high voltage power lines, to contribute to reducing the risk of injury especially birds of prey or storks. We first obtain a certificate from the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape design for the new console Talon III, which enables safe přisedání birds. "
Everything interesting about storks can be found in a special issue of the journal Bird World, which is free to .

Source: the National Park tz

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