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Weekly Horoscope Feb 10 to Feb 16, 2014

Weekly Horoscope Feb 10 to Feb 16, 2014 Do not wait for a miracle. As she would feel and behave yourselves together, that is how you behave to others! A hundred times a day to try and keep the love!

Week: 10th Second 2014 - 16, Second 2014

Aries (21.3.-20.4.)
Dear Lambs, you have a tendency to engage in a completely senseless conflicts. Just to say a clear "no" and more a matter of not disassemble, you do not want to get into too much trouble. Brevity is essential .. wit and ingenuity in the field of material you will definitely succeed. A to independence, which will be welcomed at any time more than anything else. Likewise now .. lessen the "burden" that you are carrying on in the privacy of their back. You are too stubborn and then it happens that you want to achieve, even embracing, entangled into chaos and you have all the right "nerves in the bucket." Calm down, spare a little time just for yourself. Therefore, you do not stop close to love, that you do not have to worry about ..

Aquarius (21.4.-20.5.)
Dear bulls, be sure that whatever happens is under the supervision of heaven itself, the highest protective forces, and therefore whatever happens, everything will turn out beneficial for you. Your dreams can become a reality in the work area .. do not put anything in the last minute, do not only what you have, but also with some time to spare. As far as the purely about finance, your ability to identify the best solutions will not allow you step aside .. In private, you should be able to overcome long-term obstacle. It should prove true. Let bygones be bygones, start from now and again, without remorse. And we do not have nepřipouštějte that your relationship might not have mattered. It depends! ..

Gemini (21.5.-21.6.)

Dear Gemini, the current success should boost your confidence. You can be proud of what you can do .. In the field of material you have to start looking forward. Yesterday to grab or hold not. With what you have, you can still be a very satisfactory goals. Do not give anything in advance, it would be a big mistake .. Privately need to be carefully perceive what your heart tells you. Think logically! What is happening to you, is there a lot of people in the world. Your concerns are not a huge part of the basis in reality. If for example you are jealous, then most likely completely unjustified. Sense should win out over emotion; do whatever it takes ..

Cancer (22.6.-22.7.)
Dear gulls, solve problems, overcome challenges. And a bonus valued as gold gain experience that will be invaluable once. So do not complain one little unwon battle. In addition meaningless .. Material Plane should offer enjoyment of how you are currently successful. Many of you will feel very good because of what it does. Keep in mind that today's dream has a chance to become a reality tomorrow. It's not a bad feeling, is not it? .. In relation to the second perhaps beginning to realize its own price, your confidence should be on the rise. If you feel that the current partner is the ultimate, then it is a probability bordering on certainty. Remember, however, that caressed over and over again it is necessary to every relationship, even the most perfect ..

Lion (23.7 to 23.8).

Dear Lowchens, these days you would have to wait much joy and merriment. Things for which it was necessary to clarify and everything is bathed in an imaginary sun. All these positive circumstances would you be a good tune and help you take some petty things in perspective .. bulk field dominates satisfaction when you run only of what I do not doubt what would jot. Let there be no doubt for you shank. Now you are alone source of his success, trust their intuition .. Privately, you can get into minor verbal skirmishes with loved ones, but if you can take everything with humor and more like a game, then in the end all conflict laugh. Insight and generosity and you only just decorate .. ;-)

Virgo (24.08-23.09)

Precious Dolls, consider whether you have the second-friendly because it is at the moment you need to get on your side, or selflessly. You do not want to gain power over someone? You should zapátrat little deeper in his conscience .. Substantive issues would need to be taken with greater ease. It is not a life, it would be aware of in the first place. A Do not doubt yourself, because a lot of you these days will help, if you can believe it. You have a pretty good chance to move forward now thanks to the confidence in yourself at home .. do not judge others in kalupu. I do not have the most objective view, you can distract binding festivity, which can be part of it. Should not you but to prevent the completion of all that you have undone. Otherwise it's not complete yet very, very long time ..

Libra (24.09-10.23)

Dear Libra, must no longer walk much in the past. Nostalgic memories you do not shift forward. You should have more faith in a just faith in yourself to go to the future. Believe me, sometimes just a really good will, as now .. Material worried you might receive a lot of influence you into chaos and confusion. Establish a prioritization and follow after him. Now is the time when the focus should be on need, not on a wanted .. Mutually with your partner, you can now encourage and give a show of affection. Love and alignment with the counterpart should have the highest priority. Attractive and sensual spark that can help a lot. Enjoy a nice, loving days ..

Scorpio (24.10-11.22)

Dear Scorpio, the mood will be short, probably enough "spiked". Prone to bickering you will not be able to give you deny - on every sort of stupidity you want to quarrel and to have the truth at any cost. But not always going to be someone willing to argue with you. And it will also "smell" will not. Do you know what you want? .. Material scope from you demand great caution, because you wanted someone to lure "the bait". Examine all the good-looking information thoroughly, otherwise you will be disappointed and REASONABLE .. Privately, you can realize that it is necessary to draw a line for something from the past, because you just annoys life. The best thing you can do for yourself is that you start from scratch with a clean desk. Will that work? It should, because if you want to be generous can you .. ;-)

Sagittarius (23.11-21.12)

Dear shooters these days what happens is entirely up to you. Circumstances easily adapts to your needs. You are currently something like "expedition leader" and as you say so. How do you say! Not as you think. There is a difference .. ;-) At work you decorate perseverance currently have an example for others. When it comes to finance, there is too nerozdávejte, on the contrary, it is now the right time to savings .. Privately quickly get rid of all that for you is not a high priority. You need to focus only on the essential, because without it you are useless on their shoulders more than enough. No worries - Popery with everything absolutely brilliantly. And, although exhausted, you'll end up happy, especially with ourselves, and most importantly ..

Capricorn (22.12.-20.1.)
Dear ibex, you're too focused on material success and living your privacy lags significantly. You should pay more attention to love, otherwise it converted to money that you will be totally useless .. Working sphere shows that you are blessed with amazing abilities to achieve success in all that we are now beginning. If you are in a starting point, then you are almost wholly at the start of something profitable .. But Privacy groaning on the imaginary bottom. Through self-pity but does not trip up. You should quickly get rid of the illusion that relationships with loved ones can be good automatically and naturally. Maybe it will be a surprise to you, but I can not! For them, the cakes without work can not eat ..

Aquarius (21.1.-19.2.)

Dear Aquarius, holding tightly to his views, especially those "bearded". Times have changed and some strongly held beliefs, you should re-evaluate their own sake .. Tangible area offers many a possibility to improve the financial situation. Basically anything can go on. I about things that you previously seemed impossible, almost a dream. Well perceive the world around them, whether miss something! .. Home state of affairs is given, do not ask him to change it. It was not to be vain of himself, you squeezed all the power. Pay it better so that you can adapt to the situation. Maybe you do not fully clarified own plan - it would be a good start. Although it is clarity, wait with its implementation. Really no need to hurry ..

Fish (2.20-3.20)

Dear fish, the current problem is not so big that you can not manage! It's already serious skills you have, you just believe! .. Material Plane has a great chance to improve it, because happiness to her begins filming-friendly party. By chance of luck you may be able to do something to help you now and in the future. Be attentive and observant, opportunity comes to you as a gift .. Personal Destiny have the best moments. You have a tendency to depression, does not support you or the weather, let alone the current situation in the domestic field. What advise? To take advice: Do not drill the masochistic in their own suffering. Do not wait for a miracle. As she would feel and behave towards each other you own, precisely so will treat you the rest! A hundred times a day to try and keep the love! ..

Famous words to ponder:

"Until all is not lost, nothing is lost .."
(Igor Greguš)

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