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Change operators, law reduced the fines!

Operators had to at least the 8th February 2014 to modify its terms and conditions so as to enable them to withdraw even from fixed-term contracts. They frequently prevented customers to choose the most favorable market conditions and changing operators as needed.

Cancellation of fixed-term contracts will now thanks to an amendment to the Telecommunications Act significantly easier and cheaper mainly, though not under the new regulation will be completely free. Operator will legally belong up a fifth of the agreed fee or minimum performance remaining in the commitment, a cash discounted equipment (eg telephone).

"The old conditions either do not allow to terminate the contract, or the operator asked for testimony completely disproportionate fines," says Miloš gin, legal adviser dtest, adding: "Changing the Telecommunications Act is to eliminate other abuses, such as the automatic renewal of the contract without the buyer's knowledge or closing contract over the phone when a customer comes into your hand no confirmation about the content of the agreed commitment. "

With the advent of virtual operators is for the average consumer is still difficult to confess in each menu and their conditions. "On pages / tariffs for more than two years by an independent grader mobile tariffs. Currently, there are 40 operator menu, and so-called virtual. In addition to compare prices and tariffs of prepaid consumers are well aware of the maliciousness in contracts or contractual penalties, "says gin.

Most operators fulfill its legal obligations in advance, only Vodafone had no new conditions on site or at the end of January. "Act imposes notify customers of any change at least a month in advance. Vodafone Although you know that conditions have changed, but the specific wording of the conditions was not published until the beginning of February, "says Miloš gin, adding:" Vodafone ever conceived changes on their own. Among other things, we are in control of its business conditions did not like the way the customer agrees to the wording of the conclusion of the contract. "Civil Code provides that where the text refers to the conditions of the contract, the link is valid only if it is proved that the customer knows what reference means. Vodafone namely refers to the terms and conditions when signing the contract, but the actual terms and conditions also refer to conditions such as goods and services at a discounted price. You must attentive customer separately and comparatively difficult dohledávat. Regular consumer of such a reference probably will not even notice.

Source: tz dTest

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