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Ford Kuga: hit the automatic tailgate

Non-contact control allows the tailgate to open and close the tailgate simple gesture that reminds kick. Ford Kuga was first compact SUV in the European market, which offered this convenient feature, today it ordered approximately half of all customers. The most celebrated achievements system in the Netherlands, where it has more than 90 percent of all vehicles sold Ford Kuga

Balancing with arms full of shopping bags while šmátráme his pockets for car keys - this situation is familiar with most people, but for owners of the new Ford Kuga is often is just a distant memory.

The new Kuga last year as the first compact SUV in the European market offered within of optional hands-free operation of the tailgate. The opening and closing movement of the legs to do just that indicates a kick under the rear bumper. Part of this function is the entrance to the car and start without a key, the key passive remote control may remain throughout the custody of the driver's pocket.

In 2013, this system has ordered 35,700 - ie 48 per cent of all persons interested Kugu greatest achievements celebrated contactless operation of the rear door in the Netherlands, where he was elected 94 percent of customers. Of the six largest European markets, Ford is the most popular in Italy, where its share is 60 percent. Followed by Germany with 57 percent.

"Anyone ever stood by his car when your hands and wished to have some magical way to open the trunk," said Roelant de Waard, Ford of Europe vice president for marketing, sales and service. "Hands-off rear tailgate is a technology warmly welcomed by customers. It's a simple but brilliant idea and makes everyday life. "

The system uses two sensors in the rear bumper, which detects the presence legs and react to movement corresponding to dig. Non-contact control can not be activated accidentally, such as when the car will be an animal. Ford is a perfectly tuned system response when practical tests with volunteers.

Motion sensors are located in two places below the rear bumper. One detects the shin and the second movement of the foot. Detection of foot movement causes a change in the electric field, which highlights the need for system response.

The new Ford Kuga is equipped with other advanced technologies like Active Parking Assist, Active City Stop or intelligent all-wheel drive, which responds to twenty times faster than the blink of an eye.

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