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Zinc - the key to early diagnosis of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer in men is the second leading cause of death from cancer. But if detected early, is considered one of the most treatable. Speed ​​up the process could zinc.

An indispensable element

Zinc is an essential metal, which are found in all tissues. Most of it is tightly bound to proteins, allowing basic biochemical reactions. However, there is a small part of the total representation of zinc in the body, which is called loose. This means that it is not bound to any protein, and is in the form of ions - charged particles. This free zinc is essential for the function of the brain, pancreas and prostate.

New Options

How exactly processes in a cell depends on the amount of zinc was not yet clear. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a new sensor that enables accurate detection of this metal in the cells. With fluorescent staining in contact with zinc, scientists will be able to detect the concentration of metals in the organs, and when its level increases or decreases. This can be used, for example being in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Energy for sperm

Zinc has many functions in the body, one of which is to stabilize the protein and allowing certain chemical reactions.
It acts as a catalyst - a chemical reaction starts or accelerates, but itself remains unchanged.
The prostate helps to reproduce due to the accumulation of citrate, an important part of semen.
Zinc bound to mitochondria blocks the process of releasing energy and stores it for Emerging sperm.
In the case of tumor growth level of zinc decreases significantly. As a result, energy can begin undisturbed released, thereby allowing cancer cells to grow uncontrolled.

Future of fluorescence

Scientists are now working to develop a simple diagnostic test that will work just on the principle of fluorescence imaging of zinc. This will allow physicians capable of much faster and more accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer than today.

Targeted biological treatment works precisely and only at the place where it is needed. Therefore, a minimum of side effects.
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