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Prague banks awaiting transformation

Prague banks awaiting transformation Prague City Council last week approved a document that will allow the city to change the banks of the Vltava in citywide significant public space. Ends the status when they go sub-investment by the city and the individual freeholders often against each other. The concept originated at the Institute for Planning and Development Authority. Prague (Praha IPR).

"We want to Prague residents and tourists have the opportunity to spend quality leisure time along the entire length of the river. It is also important that the banks offer a variety of options from the use of rest and recreation zones to living area with a rich cultural program, "said Mayor Tomáš Hudeček. The material offers city districts, businesses and non-profit organizations topics that need to be developed into specific architectural designs. "Concept is a call for cooperation between different actors who will moderate the town," said Mayor Hudeček.

Vltava River and its immediate surroundings are indeed one of the most valuable areas in the city. Although most of these areas Praha own, not yet published a strategy, how to use, modify and develop. The result was that, on the one hand, many places lying fallow, on the other hand, many valuable points in different ways privatized or inappropriately used. However, in many European cities is mainly due to the recent large-scale revitalization and edit riverside residence public space that residents of these cities very positive.

"City have finally realized the value area of the river and its responsibility as the owner and manager, for his use, conservation and development," said architect Paul Melková, Registrar of the public space IPR Prague, where the concept originated at the request of the city. Concept among other things, proposes the establishment of a city manager waterfront, which would implement a compliance and coordinated.

Office of the space IPR Praha handles next to the banks of the concept of Prague also manual creation of public spaces that offers a set of rules and principles to design urban environment. Establishment of office (November 2012) is part of a new vision for the development of Prague with an emphasis on realistic and conceptual planning and communication with the public.

The concept proposes a wide range of topics, from which you can name, for example:
Defining new construction in the area of ​​the river.
Coordination of individual investment projects in the area of ​​the river with regard to the overall quality of the public space of the city.
Establishment of a waterfront city manager for the city center, which will be a direct part of the municipality and will coordinate to manage, edit and use banks.
Create a smooth, uninterrupted continuity along the river for pedestrians and cyclists by adding the missing sections and the removal of artificial barriers.
Edit the banks to allow their use for a stay of relaxation or cultural, social and sporting activities.
Addition of missing access to the river from the inner city.
Creating a system of PID mobility and public transport so that the recreational area along the river was easily accessible from distant parts of the city.
New connections to the opposite shore for pedestrians and cyclists.
Create suburban parks.
Organization berthing in the center so that the balance between space for tents and ships free place to stay, relax and cultural or sports activities.
Creating a Port Centre in the north Helmovského weir.
Adding a berthing facilities for small passenger vessels of visitors.

Video: Vltava embankment in Prague will be for leisure zone

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