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Try stiff joints limber!

Exercise is suffering at the major joints. On the other hand, nothing must not exaggerate. How to choose the right kind of movement when joints "strike", tells our following tips.

Before you start practicing

First, it is very important to understand their limits and not be excessively high expectations. It is also convenient to think in advance which types of exercise are most likely to produce results. Movement is arthritis foundation therapy - not only reduces joint pain, but also improves their flexibility and strength. The good news is that in order to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, you do not need to run marathons or swim as fast as Olympic athletes. Even light exercise can relieve pain.

Good reasons

Appropriate exercise can improve health and enhance the physique without hurt your joints. Together with treatment can strengthen the muscles around the joints, keeping bone strength, energy supply throughout the day to help maintain your weight and amplify feeling good about themselves.

Doubts are normal

If you fear that exercise will only worsen your condition, then the opposite is true. Neglect of motion leads to stiff joints and more pain. It is due to the fact that the tissue and muscles around the joint are his biggest supporter. For example, if these muscles are feeble, and will hang higher pressure will lead to a considerable soreness and inflammation symptoms worse.

Choose any

Do not be afraid to seek the help of a doctor or physiotherapist who will advise you which type of exercise and how it is in your particular case the best. And what may, inter alia, to recommend?
Exercises focused on the joints.
Routing is the mobility of joints and aims greatest possible momentum in its entirety as it allows one to hang. It's nothing complicated and exercises can be done every day.
Strengthening exercises. Allows the building support around the joint - it can be, for example, the movement of the weight. For this exercise, it is recommended not to go never wasted through the pain and stop immediately when the joints begin to swell.
Aerobic movement. Helps with overall physical fitness and improves your circulation. These include walking, jogging, cycling or swimming.

At the beginning of any journey is always about to make a first step. So do not be afraid to step out and start exercising.

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