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Framus Five with Michal Prokop in Svandovo Theatre

Framus Five with Michal Prokop in Svandovo Theatre Švandovo Theatre in Smíchov welcome on their first stage one of the most important groups of Czech rock history. Framus Five headed by a unique vocalist and a man of many professions Michal Prokop plays in the theater first Švandovo March 2014.

Beginnings of one of the most important groups of Czech rock history can be found already in 1963, but the real history under their present name dates from 1967, when the current guitarist Michal Prokop first stood up to the microphone as a singer. His work temporarily ended the group twice, once in in 1971 and then in 1990, when the leader Michal Prokop entered politics. In 2006, after the release plate for the first time recently, Framus Five fully restored his concert activity.

"We are delighted to welcome concert Michael Prokop and Framus Five in our theater and I look forward to hearing the songs not only from the last great CD, but also a favorite song Kolej Yesterday"
says production Švandovo theater Jitka Dvorakova.

Michal Prokop

A man of many interests and professions in the field of music known primarily as a singer, moving around the triangle rock genres - soul - blues.

Higher concert activity Michal Prokop in recent years also resulted in his creative activity. In 2010 he began intensively to prepare material for his latest studio album. In addition to the proven author Paul Šrut texts in a newly composed songs also appeared younger generation lyricist Jan Lacina, Michal's collaborator in his television projects. In addition to the eight songs alone Prokop on a new album titled One hundred years on the road there are two tracks violinist Jan Hruby and another two songs from the best composers of Michal hits - Petra Skoumal. New album released on the brand Joe's Garage of 30 October 2012, the year when Michal Prokop celebrates 45 years in rock microphone and was awarded a gold record for sales.

Michal Prokop also shone off the stage musical. Between 1998 - 1999 he prepared and hosted the TV Prima popular political talk show No offense, from 2000 to 2012 was accompanied by the legendary Czech TV viewers still beautiful statement.

Looking back into history

Framus Five Group has recorded two albums: Blues In Soul (1968) reproduced with soulful repertoire sung by a Czech town Er (1971). After the collapse of Framus Five for most of the seventies gave Michal Prokop mainstream and among other things was a member of the theater Semaphore. In 1978, a group of Framus Five under slightly altered title Framus 5 restored and found the perfect creative harmony with the poet Paul Šrut and composer Petr Skoumal a violinist Jan Hruby. Happy period culminated excellent album Kolej Yesterday (1984)

With a brand new studio album coming Michal Prokop in 2006 and published for the first time last album that it actually brings back into the spotlight. Album award-winning and critically and commercially successful at the same time, it has become an incentive to renew touring group Prokop Framus Five. In 2008, based on a complete reissue of the six albums Michal Prokop and Framus Five years from 1968 to 1989 in a gift box under the name It's still true.

Framus Five

Michal Prokop
Lubos Andršt - Guitar
Jan Gross - violin
Jan Kolar - keyboards, vocals
Jiří Sima - saxophone, vocals
Roman Kubat - trumpet
Zdeněk Tichota - bass
Pavel Razím - drums

When: 1st March 2014 from 20 hours
Where: Grand Hall Theatre Švandovo

Tickets are on address space, dressing room remains the theater.

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