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Candidate - a true story that did not happen

Candidate - a true story that did not happen Today, the most valuable commodity information. Film Candidate shows the great power of the media manipulation of events can affect the whole world. The story follows the behind the scenes of a political campaign, a candidate for president.

In the election of head of state left two months. Successful and influential owner of an advertising agency Adam Lambert receives a lucrative contract. It has to implement the presidential campaign for a particular candidate, lackluster, small-town businessmen. The aim is only to stir up political waters and lose a few votes counterparty.

Lambert is used unscrupulously manipulated everyone and always reach her. At a party at the club was allowed to provoke a wager with his rival - Ivan Muller, who works for the clear favorite of the entire election. The game is seven million. Lambert bet all his property to a single horse, an unknown candidate. Forswore that this makes zero new president, and it straight in the first round of the presidential elections ...

The candidate shows what is happening on the political scene, or can easily be happening. It is a cynical analysis of the company, which is allowed to manipulate the rich and powerful. Those who pull the strings, creating a world in which the frontiers of truth, illusion, good and evil.

The film, which combines black comedy genre, the spy thriller, originated in the Czech-Slovak co-production. The main roles will introduce a number of well-known Czech and Slovak actors - Marek Majeský, Michael Long, Roman Luknár, Pavel Nový, Michal Kubovčík, Alice Bendová and more.

A short film

The candidate is a new feature film co-production CZ-SK.
The film was prepared on the themes of the book Maroš Heck and Michael Raven, who along with his screenwriter Peter Balke converted into a modern film language and tells about the background and behind the scenes campaign for president.

Advertising magnate, Bishop, candidate Peter Potôň big players of the highest circles of political hierarchy and twin men who listen and see everything and everyone through dummy cameras and advanced listening techniques, creates a world in which there is no boundary between truth and falsehood, good and evil or life and death.

Filming took place in the Czech and Slovak. During more than třicetidenního shoot that did not go together, but almost three months, the film crew consisting sometimes of three smaller staffs, moved in the spaces J & T Bank, restaurant Albrecht, private clinics Medissimo, Municipal House, Prague Castle area, Mary's Church Magdalene Rusovice or Bratislava villas and apartments, or urban parts of the Old City, and Palisade Petrzalka. Scenes from the environment of an advertising agency originated mostly in the interior, while the scene with a pair of "trying to listen," the actors Michael Kubovčíka and Michael Long is shot in a van codenamed lever (Parquet-carpets), which passed through the day and night in Bratislava street ...

Trailer for kouknutí here

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