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The observation of deer will carry tourists horses

Administration of NP and PLA launched the observation of deer in the new observation cabin in hibernation obůrce Garden in Pine Ladách. Tourists can ride to the observation point in the bolt carrier or sleigh rides.

It's a treat for all lovers of the Bohemian wilderness and this time the family pack. From Wednesday, the 12th February 2014 is open to observation post in hibernation obůrce Garden in Pine Ladách where tourists can watch the deer that spend the winter here. Guided associated with feeding deer are held every Wednesday. Instead of specifying event management staff at the park Sumava phone order. The overwintering obůrce, but all arrive at the car or sleigh rides.

"Observation of deer is a traditional attraction for visitors to the National Park Šumava. Horse riding is this innovation that meets the extraordinary interest of tourists. Introducing public use of horses as a traditional source of livelihood, yet friendly nature. Our horses approaching wood, sometimes taking tourists. Now logistically combine two successful projects and we look forward to the reactions of visitors, "explains Jiří Mánek, director of the NP and PLA.

Ticket for game viewing is 20 crowns, overwintering right to obůrce horse carriage 30 crowns. Children under 10 years can go on a free tour. On the one term can accommodate up to 25 people. Complications could bring this year's unusually warm winter.

"Red Deer Lakai before observation post on the treats. Foresters them there can be carrots, beets and oats and they will come. An important factor is calm but, inconveniently timed tourists stroll or visit lynx in obůrce can convey all our efforts to thwart a wonderful experience. Then it may happen that the deer will not. We are in the woods and not in a zoo, "warns potential participants Václav Hřebek, head of the territorial department Administration Šumava National Park in Pine Ladách.

Wintering Obůrka it is open from February and a deer Vrších. Since January, for three days each week and performs at Srní into hibernation Obůrky Lamb. Here visitors can see deer with antlers strongest on the west side of the Bohemian Forest, which foresters nicknamed the king of the forest. "For this year, the deer about two more privileges. Is it irregular čtyřiadvacaterák, "says Jiří Kec, who has guided the Berankách charge.

Like everywhere Administration recommends NP and PLA take warm clothes and leave the dog at home.
Learning about life deer is part of the programs for the public, which the administration Šumava park every year going. Among the most interesting programs this winter include sleigh rides pulled by horses or carriages, snowshoe tours for the whole family or work samples rescue dogs.

Source: tz NP Šumava
Tz Author: Pavel Pechoušek

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