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Pražští Nighthawks assist in Austria

Two males largest Czech owls went from Prague Zoo in Austria. Their mission is to save the local wild population that is dying. In the past, Prague litters Ural whitish emitted in Šumava.

A pair of young males traveled to the Austrian Rescue Station Richard Faust Centre in Haringsee last week. Immediately after arrival obydlil each of the males own aviary.

"Our males are genetically very valuable, and so the Austrian colleagues decided to keep it for breeding and freedom to discharge their young," explains curator of birds Antonín Vaidl. One of the male partner received from the wilds of Slovenia, the second female comes from nature Austria.

Descendants of Prague Ural should help create a bridge between the populations of the Carpathian Ural Owl subspecies. Particular population in Austria is currently heavily fragmented.

Vaidl and his team offered a pair of owls in Austria after years of successful introductions of Prague pup in Šumava. There currently live about twenty pairs of this extraordinary owls.

Breeding pair sat down shortly after transporting chicks in Austria nest again. Thanks bred pups will Ural Owl Zoo Praha support will continue. By nature while also returns other Czech owl, little owl, general or owls.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Tz Author: Michal Happy
Photo: Tomas Adamec

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