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Kia issue in Geneva the new Soul EV and next generation hybrid

Kia issue in Geneva the new Soul EV and next generation hybrid On the 84th year of the prestigious Geneva Motor Show on March 4th celebrate European debut new electric car Kia Soul EV, as well as the concept GT4 Stinger, which had its world premiere earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show. In the exhibition, Kia will also be a technical tidbit, a new generation of hybrid Kia. Will attract the attention of visitors also upgraded models Sportage and Optima Hybrid.

Soul EV electric car is front-wheel drive. The electrical energy from a set of high-capacity Li-Poly batteries (27 kWh), whose energy density of 200 Wh / kg is the best in its class. The source of the driving forces of the electric motor with an output of 81.4 kW
and a torque of 285 Nm on a single charge of the battery EV miss the new Soul about 200 km and will appeal especially to motorists who are in the streets of big cities.

Soul EV offers a quality ride comfort and handling in connection with a high level of sophistication, thanks to the low center of gravity, revised chassis platform and a new sound absorbing materials.

Maximum efficiency and potential radius Soul EV electric vehicle provides a range of technologies that reduce the load on the battery and extend the range. These include new advanced technologies in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, including the world's first comprehensive ventilation system for the driver, four modes of kinetic energy recovery system and heater battery.

Soul EV will also be one of the most practical electric vehicles on the European market, thanks to minimal interference battery pack into the passenger compartment and luggage. Like all other models Kia Soul EV will be offered with a 7-year warranty, which is the owner of certainty against unexpected expenses.

In a separate exhibition showcasing Kia also a new hybrid technique that future brand models developed by European research and development center Kia.

Hybrid system consists 48V battery (PBC lead-carbon). For it is powered by a small electric motor, which increases the overall performance of the powertrain. The battery also supplies power to electrically driven turbocharger, which increases torque and power at low speeds. In suitable conditions, at low speeds and when driving at a steady speed, the hybrid system can power the car in pure electric drive mode, while during deceleration to recharge the battery. And if the car is coming into play start-stop system, which makes emissions fall to zero. Motor launches belt system. The result is an almost noiseless motor start without unwanted vibrations. New technical solutions allowed Kia engineers to reduce the size and weight of existing 12V car battery.

Kia Concept GT4 Stinger, introduced earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, will celebrate its European debut in Geneva. Stinger moves GT4 cars Kia design bold new direction. Most appealing aspect of this car, it should be maximum driving pleasure.

The rear wheels sporting 2 +2 seater coupe is powered by four-cylinder 2.0 T-GDI, tuned for high performance 315 ka associated with short tiered Manual six-speed gearbox. The concept is equipped with independent suspension all wheels on two transverse arms. The dynamic character of the car makes it clear front spoiler made of carbon composite, along with openings for cooling air to the front brakes. The characteristic radiator grille is positioned low above the ground for optimum cold air and maximum engine cooling.

There are currently no plans to bring this concept to mass production, but the GT4 Stinger is a real and very provocative hint of possible future brand.

The updated Kia Sportage responds to customer requests and increasing competition in the European market. Modern exterior best-selling SUV Kia has undergone small but significant improvements. Upgraded Sportage offers a range of new equipment features, including a new premium audio system, rear LED headlamps, power steering Kia FlexSteer, heated steering wheel and a new instrument panel Supervision with 4.2 "TFT LCD.

It will also be more sophisticated than the current model, thanks to changes aimed at minimizing noise and vibration. Soundproof glass windscreen reduces wind noise and improvements were made also key areas of the body structure is also a new gearbox mounting.

Sportage will be produced again Kia plant in Zilina in the Slovak Republic and its sale will be launched in the Czech market during the month of March.

The European premiere ahead and upgraded Kia Optima Hybrid, which comes with a few changes. Visually distinguish newly designed front and rear bumpers. Do the front bumper introduces new LED headlamps and fog characteristic Kia grille in the shape of 'tiger nose' is a modified design. Enhance the profile of the new side sill trim and 16 "or 17" alloy wheels in a new design. Those interested modernized model will be able to choose a new interior package with white trim and black decorative elements. Visual changes round out the two new body paint, blue Smoky Blue and Silver Aluminium Silver.

Latest Optima Hybrid has always been also a number of new items of equipment, including the third generation of kinetic energy recovery system with a more sensitive and more promptly braking, the new interface with a touch screen that is specific to the hybrid system, a new high-tech package (optional), which includes assistant for driving in the lane, blind spot monitoring and intelligent parking system.

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