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In Švandovo theater going Idiots by Lars von Trier

In Švandovo theater going Idiots by Lars von Trier Theatre transcription cult film The Idiots Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier will soon end up being putting in Svandovo Theatre: Prime Minister at the Great Hall of the 8th of March. A story about a group of people who are royally entertained by playing the mentally disabled, so shocked all kinds of bourgeois, a sanctimonious snobs, that prepares young and award-winning director Anna Petrželková together with a programmer Martina Kinski.

In the female lead is present Klára Cibulková (sympathetic actress now as a doctor Blechová rippling backwaters of the series Surgery in the rose garden). In the role of Karen becomes the new tenant beautiful villa on the outskirts of Copenhagen, where he gradually penetrates into the rules increasingly wilder entertainment, from which there is no escape but maybe ...

The next star Smíchovské scene in search of the "idiots in itself" begins Petra Hřebíčková, Filip Čapek, Zuzana Onufráková, Martin Short, Patrick Děrgel, Marek hurried and more. As their leader Stoffer to the Švandům returns after a long break visiting Lubos Vesely.

"The performance we intended from the beginning as the author's project, which gives a great opportunity to all the performers actors - their interplay, the art of creating a clear figure, as well as their ability to quick cuts and unexpected jumps in different genres that Lars von Trier put into the story. This hypersensitive cynical and depressed manipulator us his film not only inspired, but also forced us to define, whether direct opposition or finding other ways, "says
Martina Kinská.

Viewers can look forward to an interesting design in the form of transparent Nordic villa, which is alternately resident, an aquarium and a prison, changing costumes and film screenings that Idiots accompany the theater.

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