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Pets suitable for allergy sufferers? They keep fish and turtles

If you suffer from some type of allergy, then you have a big problem with the choice of an animal that wants to go home. Allergens is found in the skin, saliva and urine of almost all pets, such as dogs, cats and rodents. But there are animals that with a little care you can afford.

If you already have an animal at home, then take care of cleanliness consistently and regularly use special solutions to the destruction of mites. To take just dumb friend, yet suffer from a hypersensitivity, consider a good selection. At least the following types of risk are:
Ferrets. Strong and do not cause allergies like other "furry" critters. Compared with allergies to cats or birds feathers there is also a very rare hypersensitivity. Ferrets are often too neat critters - like relatives otters water would not mind, so you can often bathe in the sink.

Parrots. Supposedly, the feathers of birds allergies matters. But it may not be quite true. Parrots, for example, have a different type of plumage than what is tested in the allergy clinics. There, it examines reactions to duck and goose feathers. Parrot therefore can cause allergies, but not a rule that would have to be a man who bothers classic feathers. If you want to buy a parrot, taking care of its purity and feather mite solution.

Turtles. Themselves, they do not cause allergies, but it can interfere with their droppings or hay. If you have a turtle in a terrarium and it will clean the other person, you should have almost no problems. For sure you take the apartment air purifier.

Rybičky. Really are hypoallergenic, but be careful - it is necessary to take care of the aquarium to clean. Otherwise, it can become a source of mold, which can cause hypersensitivity already.

Hairless cats.
Cat allergens are among the most problematic. The main difficulty is the protein in sweat and saliva of cats, so it does not matter the race, and length of hair. Yet there are cats that are less allergenic than others. Hairless Sphynx breed minimize the risk of allergies, but the animal swim 2 times a week, you reduce the release of allergens from the saliva of up to 90% (hairless cats are easy to wash). Clean as often and Vacuum. There is also a special solution that can rub into skin small animals - the allergen "clothes" and neutralized.

Some breeds of dogs. Well as in cats and dogs is true that there is no adverse reaction from their hair, but most of allergens in the skin scales. Part of breeds but they have less, such as Bichon Frise, Chinese Crested or Mexican Hairless. This does not mean that they can not cause allergy - hypoallergenic hafan there. Always should therefore be that the dog can not do the room where you sleep, you must often buy and use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

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