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Theodora Remundová - When the women go

Theodora Remundová - When the women go Zuzana unemployed, an international distributor of farm crates favorite Jitka, Ela originally from Ukraine and opera diva Helena ... Four different women have one thing - with more or less success struggling with addiction (not only) on alcohol, like thousands of others in the Czech Republic.

They also shared that became the main protagonists of a unique six-part documentary series When the going woman who made ​​a director Theodora Remundová and that from now during the four Wednesday nights to give CT2 Czech Television.

"The fate of our heroines, we monitored during three years,"
says Theodora Remundová that the shooting closely with spoluscénáristkou Klara Forman. The result is a four storey enclosed forty-five minute parts of each of the women. The two parts also show group therapy in addiction Pavilion Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice.

"Documents are especially unique due to the open positions of all participants,"
highlights Remundová "Women are filmed up close in their natural interpersonal relationships, shows how easily one falls into addiction and how difficult is it to get back," he says. Dependence is because the creators managed to capture from different angles. "On alcohol, drugs, gambling machines and pills is stupid that they are in all destructive interfere with the body and society. It destroys interpersonal ties, "he Remundová. But it also documents the hope that it is possible to do something about this disease and that a return to normal life is possible.

The director is the topic came by chance - accepted the offer of Clara Forman, who worked as a therapist in Bohnice, and actress Eva Holubova make something "enlightenment" of alcohol and other addictions in women. "Now when I look back, I realize it was actually very frivolous, that I somehow imagined that addiction is a hell of a difficult topic. Perhaps because in my immediate vicinity with alcohol, pills, drugs, no worry, "says Remundová. The project met clients in outpatient therapy Bohnice dependence of the pavilion No. 7 "We shot it with those interested in the project. Women especially like to talk about their experiences and give the viewers their efforts to deal with the addiction. To show that dependent people are often very valuable, but that really change your life, lifestyle, break habitual patterns of life is not easy, "explains Remundová.

During the three years of shooting naturally arose between the director, the crew and a contributor friendly relationship. "We talked a lot, either over the phone or in person outside shooting. That helped me very Klara. We really are in addition to shooting still wanted to promote abstinence, at least in our fellowship. I can not imagine that I would just objectively observed, "says Remundová. The filming was for this reason difficult. "It changed me, I'm not so strong person. More than before I bow before human creativity. The happiness of man is in creative actions, whether it's cooking, needlework or smart management of a large enterprise, and in love for one another. That is why I say that our project is about finding lost love, "explains his feelings Remundová.

Although nothing has been given in advance and was not even sure whether a change of heart in the end everything heroine, eventually created a lot of interesting material. "In the editing room, I went for Zdenek editor Mark with some idea where to go. In addition, Zdeněk not like in the movies used music, so in our documents is very little music and sentiment. The key variable of our logic was cut, "says Remundová.

"Addiction - and everyone can install it with the fighting - is everywhere. Addiction is a vicious circle. Addiction robs us of freedom. I want to keep our documents were impulse to reflect on our lives through an open view into the lives of others, "says Theodora Remundová.

Although the designer also in relation to the documents point to an anonymous telephone hotline, which can be used by anyone who needs advice, he feels it is threatened by the risk of habituation, addiction, or people whose loved ones have a similar problem. It is run by the Centre for Social health services Praha 17 and the line operates every Thursday from 8 to 23 hours at numbers 235 311 791 or 724 307 775 The therapist provides telephone assistance, intervention, or recommendations opportunity for personal consultation with a specialist, including the offer of a specific device in the home.

Glossary broadcast and heroines of parts

26th February 2014, 22:00 - Abstinence first
Attractive brunette Jitka (1965) is the mother of four children who is struggling with an addiction to alcohol. We see a young-looking woman who professes a healthy lifestyle, working as a distributor from favorites farm crates, dedicated to makrobiotickému cooking, does not hesitate to go help as a volunteer during the floods in northern Bohemia, and despite recur, as if he could not, or did not dare look into his inner world and specifically identify what it brings to repeated relapses. Jitka wants to live here and now and the past does not interest her. The whole story significantly revive Jitka's not quite easygoing dialogue with her partner Radek.

5th March 2014, 22:00 - I want to get back his daughter

Ela (1969) is originally from Ukraine. After coming to the Czech Republic to come to terms with the changing environment and started taking hard drugs, she was then 32 years old. Ela started to heal, but repeatedly relapsed. After ten years of hard struggle but Elin access to abstinence radically changed. During the last recurrence is conceived daughter Sofia. My Elu first seen two months after birth, little Sofia was entrusted to the temporary care Elin sister Natasha. Ela started the path to healing and getting your child back. Sister Natasha, however, return to Sofka Ele disagree, though Ela sober. Among the sisters fight flares for the child.

12th March 2014, 22:00 - Sober Helena, 22:45 - Summer calls from sevens

Opera diva Helena (1955) is carefully presented, cute, funny lady, u would not happen to occur to us that he has a problem. And yet she is just so long trying to get out of the alcohol, but especially drug addiction. Helen treatment after trying to move out of the hostel into his own apartment, venturing across the great fear repair damaged relationships with his family, competes in the popular talent show searches Czech sings. And most actively doléčuje. The inner passivity is still the great enemy.

19th March 2014, 22:00 - Mama, I'm here, 22:45 - Winter calls from sevens

We follow the path of 33-year-old Margaret dependent for their mom Susan (1959) from Prague to Olomouc. Mom Zuzana is an intelligent woman who, whenever she tried, managed to get a job. She worked as a sales assistant at luxury boutiques, businesswoman and business travelers. After the thirties, however, began to deal with addiction. Now fifty trying to "start over" in a sheltered housing in Manchester. Margaret grew up without a father in the household with his mother and grandmother. Openness and Margaret Susan bares the brunt of the strongest bonds (mother-daughter relationship) marked by addiction. Find the way to my mother's daughter, manages to break through layers of lies and pretense, which is their relationship for years marked?

When the women go

Story, screenplay: Theodora Remundová, Klára Formanová
Directed by: Theodora Remundová
It sends ČT2

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