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Saline nasal lavage: Improve breathing

Saline washes called lavage, nose are always been used to improve the patency of the airway and preventing diseases such as unpleasant sinusitis. How do they work and what is the correct procedure for their implementation?

Four in One

Rinsing the nasal cavity suitable saline solution helps our health in the following ways:
Remove dried pieces of mucus, dust or other contaminants, including allergens and infectious particles, and thus improve, among other things airway patency.
Moisten the dried-up mucous, and affords better breathing comfort.
Encourages activity of cilia, whose function is important for the prevention of infection in the sinuses.
Contribute to the release of the so-called "back rhymes."

The actual preparation of the solution? It's

The brine can be bought already prepared in the pharmacy. It is a modified seawater or water from mineral inland wells. Besides solution designed to flush the nose can also use the solutions in the form of drops or nasal sprays. Purchased saline is safer compared to a solution prepared from the home kitchen salt and fresh water, guaranteeing its concentration so as to avoid undesirable irritation of mucous membranes. But if we buy a special applicator for easy carry nasal lavage, usually they will also get a scoop of salt and how suitable solution concentration achieved without problems.

Rinsing the nose, step by step

To wash, use lukewarm, ideally boiled water.
Up to 3 dl water pour 2.7 grams of table salt and let it dissolve or use already purchased isotonic saline solution.
Press the applicator mouth to nostril.
Throughout lavage breathe through your mouth.
Easy to bend and turn your head to the side.
Apply saline to the moment the upper nostril so spontaneously issued back bottom hole.
The residue solution blow nose. If necessary, blow your nose with the head bent to the ground until it is released all the solution used.
Continue flushing with the other nostril.

Nasal lavage may be performed as part of the hygiene long, preferably every day. If necessary, it can be used several times a day.

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