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Sour cream - Quarter misleads consumers

The amount of fat in milk fermented smetanách not always correspond to what the manufacturers list on the packaging. Of the 32 tested had soured cream every fourth less fat than what was written on the label. The taste of many of the products tested going in the added starch.

Consumer magazine dTest in the February issue focused on the quality of soured cream sold in the Czech business network. In the test checked whether the fat content of milk agrees with the data on the packaging of soured cream. The laboratory analyzes showed that eight of the 32 products tested had less fat.

"The biggest culprit was in this respect a product called Creme fraiche brand Bohemilk. Instead declared 38 percent contained, in fact, only 33.6 percent fat, "said chief editor dtest Daniel Pavlis.

It is interesting that in the tested products was the other way more fat than is stated on them. The largest deviation; had sour cream Chef of Dairy Kunin, who declared content of at least 30 percent laboratory but it was registering 31.18 percent. Producers who are "wrong" for the benefit of consumers can not be criticized also because the percentage of the amount of fat complemented by "at least" or "at least". It tied only to the lower limit of the fat content.

In cultured smetanách dTest further sought starch and missed not even those who have not placed in the composition. The good news is that starch did not contain any of the 15 products that should not have been in composition. In the category of starched cream was a sad record holder sour cream Bio Milko brands of Polabských dairies Poděbrady in which it was found 3.58 percent starch. We associate with organic traditional materials and manufacturing processes, the starch in the cream has a tradition but very short.

The presence of starch in sour cream no Czech or EU regulation does not forbid and also not stated how it may be there. Manufacturers justify the addition of starch by preventing the arising of whey, while tasteless. But this test sensors confirmed. Starch cream flavor has changed, and not for the better. In some smetanách prevented while releasing fluid so that they loose or watery consistency.

"A good cream goes without starch, which showed test winner, which has become a delicacy Olma sour cream with 16 percent fat," said chief editor Daniel Pavlis.

Source: tz dTest

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