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Velvet Terrorists heading to Febiofest

Stano, Vladimir and Fero - three real men who attempted an armed resistance against the communist power at the time of the Czechoslovak normalization, and were sentenced to imprisonment under the Criminal Section 93 of the terror experienced in a humorous Slovak-Czech-Croatian document Sametoví terrorists. Film shot together leading Slovak director Peter Kerekes (such as Cooking History), Ivan and Pavol Ostrochovský Pekarčík.

Feature film, in which the authenticity imaginatively blends with the arrangements and that teeters on the edge of documentary and fiction, will have a sneak preview of the Czech Febiofest and then comes the 3rd April to next of kin. Czech producers are Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda the company Hypermarket Film, who in the past stood for photographs Czech Dream, Czech Peace or cycle documents Czech journal. Film in co-production with Czech Television. The international premiere took place on 12 February in the competition section of the festival Berlinale Forum, where documentary won the Audience Award. The Karlovy Vary IFF received Velvet Terrorists price of the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean.

All three men in the movie "play" their former actions and at the same time revealing what they do today. The first is well known in the Czech Republic Vladimír Hučín, which was several times in prison for repeated anti-regime activities, consisting primarily of the destruction of billboards. Next, Stanislav Kratochvil, who wanted the night before the first May Day to blow up a grandstand stadium ready for the celebration of Labor Day, closed at five years behind bars. Frantisek Bednar preparing bomb assassination of President Husak and hoped to incite anti-communist revolution. He went to jail. "Although it is a document offers an attractive action scenes and stories of real action heroes. And the name Hučín humming in my head many a generation, "says film distributor Richard Nemec.

O why should people come to the theaters to see their film, each of the directors of a slightly different idea. Pavol Pekarčík thinks that "the main reason is that the viewer has ordered and met in a cinema more active people and together with look at the film that someone was passive and somewhat trying. "According to Ivana Ostrochovského is a" true Hollywood film full of stubborn heroes who want to change the world, full of beautiful women happy and East End. "And Peter Kerekes has a film i "practical level, where the viewer can learn how to prepare the assassination of the President or how to construct a bomb. Which can always come in handy. And besides, at least thus hope the movie is funny. "


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