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6 types of exercises that really help with back pain (not only) bechtěrevikům

Ankylosing spondylitis is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting mainly the spine. A common symptom is deteriorating spine stiffness, loss of flexibility and movement restrictions. The good news is that regular exercise can increase flexibility and strengthen muscles.

Start slowly

To exercise become part of your daily routine, choose a time in advance, which will be paid (this may of course be more than once per day). Make yourself comfortable, wear loose clothing and do not rush. Start with simpler exercises to warm up slowly and do not overdo movement. If you experience pain, exercise exit. If you feel that this activity your condition getting worse, talk about further treatment.

Six of appropriate and effective physical activity

The movement of standing up: this exercise before the mirror. Begin by standing on the heels of about four centimeters from the wall. The shoulders and buttocks to keep her as much pressed as far as possible, without effort. Hold this position for about 5 seconds. Check your reflection in the mirror and think about what it's like to stand up straight. Repeat several times.

Supine exercise: Lie on a firm surface face down - use the bed if a firm mattress or put on the floor mat. Try to lie like this for about 15-20 minutes. If it's not comfortable, you can put a pillow under your chest and forehead to lay the folded towel. The head is then rotated to keep trying and one the other side. At first, it will not last long, but it does not matter.

Swimming: Inflammation caused by ankylosing spondylitis may cause decreased expansion of the chest. You can try to strengthen the pectoral muscles by swimming. This movement also increases the flexibility of the spine without you uncomfortable. This contributes to improving mobility in the neck, shoulders and hips.

Deep breathing: Helps improve and maintain your lung capacity, which also supports the chest. Sit or lie down and watch your breath. Slowly take a deep breath (you should feel the breath enter the nose). The air then move towards the lower abdomen and allow the abdomen to fully expand. Exhale through your nose and repeat everything.

Yoga: This can eliminate pain and increase mobility. It also reduces stress and tension and promotes restful sleep.

Walking: In every walk, pay attention to how you go. Try to keep your spine was as straight as possible, with head erect. Every time your posture can "fix" by standing up against the wall. Your head, shoulders, buttocks and heels should touch the wall simultaneously. If you have to sit all day, invest in an ergonomic chair.

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