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Rejuvenation is up to a fifth of used vehicles sold in the Czech Republic

Are you planning to buy a used car? And you know that for whole-fifths of used vehicles sold in the Czech Republic is incorrectly listed the year of manufacture? If you have verified this information, you can easily buy a car older than you expected, so it unnecessarily overpay. Problem rejuvenation vehicles also applies to those who are buying a new car.

According to the survey, about 20 percent of used cars in the Czech Republic in the sale provided incorrect information on the year of production. "This is the so-called rejuvenation vehicles, thus placing of a later vintage than the reality. Since 2001, the year of manufacture of the vehicle registration card does and was replaced by an indication of the date of first entry into service. These two dates may differ from each other by one to two years, but the exception is not a difference of five or six years, "said Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest.

According to the findings dtest problem lurking just those who are planning to buy a car in the bazaar. After the car rolled off the production line may need several years of stock or the car park and then sold as new. "Vendor in the contract manufacturing date does not guarantee a customer argues that the car until it was put into operation, it is still a new . Until it but its owner wants to sell it for a few years, the new buyer will undoubtedly be interested in the date of manufacture. The owner then for this car gets less money, "says Luke Green.

A more frequent case is altering the data in the documents individually imported vehicles. Year of the vehicle is one of the data specifying the price used cars importers and rogue thanks to data manipulation can come to thousands of dollars. How to handle the data there? Importer bring from abroad used car, overwrites the date of first registration in the log book, he then copied that change was not possible to discern eyes, and a copy goes to the auto transport office to register. Date of first registration then acts as the vehicle's age and determines its value, which after this rejuvenation will increase significantly.

According to surveys of Cebia customer interest increasingly focused on younger used cars, customers most want to buy an old car four to six years. Cars and six years old then make up almost half of all used vehicles sold. Their true age may be different.

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