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Pavol Hammel - Best of tour

Pavol Hammel - Best of tour The immortal songs performed by veteran Czech-Slovak music scene Pavol Hammel will be able in the first half of April personally enjoy the music audience now four Czech and Moravian towns.

After many years, the musician, whose poetic songs on the border between folk and rock with lyrics Boris Filan and Kamila Peteraje accompanied several generations of Czechs and Slovaks, confronts domestic fans and showcasing the best of his nearly fifty-year career.
Best of tour kicks off on the 9th April in Prague's Lesser Town Beseda and 10 April sounds notorious track of Brno Metro. Following the 11th April concert in Šumperk tones will sound and the final 12th April Ostrava steamer.

On the way to Pavol Hammel support group of experienced musicians. The guitarist Juraj Burian and keyboardist Vitek Pospisil joins members of the Prague nu-jazz band Alvik: Petr Tichý on bass and Michal Pajdiak with percussion.

The new arrangements give Hammelovým hits youthful panache and these charming, elegant and poetic song's witnesses to bring about a new musical sex appeal.
"We are very pleased to friends in Bohemia and Moravia. Medulienka Lead, Six elders, night gallery are equally at home in the Czech Republic as well as in the Slovak Republic., And I am convinced that sad early tram runs today in Prague, Brno, Ostrava behold , "says
Pavol Hammel.

The tour will also feature a concert 2LP 2CD, which in different variations, including a special edition with the author's graphics, issued recently to Hammelovým pětašedesátinám Bratislava Pavian Records label. The recording includes a total of 24 tracks and as guests on her discovered Radim Hladik, Martin Hanzel, Michaela Hot, Andrea Zimányiová and Ad Una Corda, church choir from Pezinku.

Few noted in the last nearly half-century music scene in the Czech and Slovak as significant as Pavol Hammel. His current, which was established in 1963, has gradually become one of the most important bands shaping the history of Slovak and Czech rock. Pavol Hammel composed his first song Zpievám a song with words of Rudolf Skukálka in 1965. In 1967 adds Marián Varga, a phenomenal organist, keyboardist and composer whose creative journey with Hammelovými in the next decades will periodically intersect. At the same time begins collaboration with lyricist Boris Filan and Kamil Peteraj that will also last a lifetime.

Streams goes through almost every musician, who Slovak scene had something to say: Fedor Frešo, Fero Griglák, Joseph Farkas, Ivan Belák, Ján Lehotský, Laco Lučenič, Cyril Zeleňák and many others. Albums like bells ringing, Green post, cream princess or player with the hit song dance teacher are still milestones Slovak popular music. A separate chapter is cooperation with the Czech guitarist Radim Hladík, along with Marián Varga recorded in 1977 on the album II. program sna, still highly prized project with lyrics Kamila Peteraje. Cooperation shall then be repeated in 1993 on the album Swan Songs.

For 25 albums, hundreds of shows, musical Cyrano the suburbs, but also the long-term work in art agency Slovkoncert a career as a concert promoter: everything renders a distinct mark, which leaves behind Pavol Hammel in the history of popular music not only in Slovak.

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