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The seven most common mistakes in sorting waste

Two-thirds of Czechs sort their waste. They do not consider it a very complicated thing - in green containers include glass, paper in blue and yellow plastic. But the paper is a paper and not plastic as plastic. Moreover, there may occasionally appear unusual household waste, with which you may not manage or consult an experienced tříditel. For example, you know where to throw the broken mirror, plata from eggs or packages of vegetable oil?

The specific information that they belong and not belong to the labels directly on each color collection containers. The separate collection system is decided by the community itself, and therefore all sorts in another way. It depends on the agreement between the municipality and collecting companies and the technical equipment of sorting lines in the area.

In some municipalities, along with the plastic into yellow or blue paper to the face-off containers and cartons. Somewhere plastic packaging collected only PET bottles, plastic medley elsewhere.

In short, a different region, different customs. Basic things, however, apply universally.

Mistake 1: It must be perfectly clean

To a mixture of plastic containers is possible in addition to PET bottles to throw often foil bags, plastic bags, from CDs and many other plastic products. Including packaging of food, if they are not leftovers. A common misconception is that these plastic wastes must be perfectly clean. Do not be.

Minor pollution of plastic packaging does not matter. However, it is worth bearing in mind that grease and residues restrict the content of separated recycling containers. And life is ruined guide final sorting lines.

But the problem is grease. Plastic bottle of vegetable oil is needed to properly wash out. "To plastics include this container only after a thorough washing with warm water and dishwashing liquid. If someone does not want a bottle of oil rinse, let it rather be in mixed waste, "recommends Lucie Paseková, representing the waste company REMA System. Therefore it is better before dropping into the yellow container wash or at least really scramble and a plastic cup of yogurt.

On the contrary, should not be afraid to throw in the recycle bin empties from soaps or shampoos and other conventional dry goods. "This case is not about any hazardous substance, just then, when the remnants of cosmetics such as soaps, shampoos, creams completely used up," Radio Web

Covers from caustics, paints and other hazardous substances in the yellow container, not at all. As well as floor coverings of PVC pipe or novodur.

Mistake 2: Polystyrene plastic do not

It does. Whether it's a thermo covers, in which you wrap the food in the restaurant, or fill boxes for consumer electronics. Now there is polystyrene which has been used as building insulation. If the plaster on it, then do not plastic, and should be discarded as construction waste.

Mistake 3: Mirror glass is actually

Know what the packaging is made of glass, probably not a problem for anyone. Glass is one of the green container in some municipalities are classified separately as well as clear glass, which belongs to the white container.

Putting a green container can also plate glass of the windows and the door. Autoglass already into it but do not. Neither gold plated and coated glass, and thus the mirror. Plating makes glass melting problems. Also with ceramic and porcelain to the recycling of glass factories cope. So broken ceramic bowl and blind zrzcadlo discard household waste.

Mistake 4: Plato from the eggs belong to the paper

Most of us would carton of eggs with a clear conscience tossed into the blue container for the collection of paper. But the paper wrappers from eggs already pretty well can not be recycled. Although they are made of paper, but has repeatedly recycled, is the last application of the composition. It is therefore better to throw household waste. Or even better compost.

Similar is the case with rolls of toilet paper. Paper can be recycled is only seven times. After that, the fiber is too short and does not produce any paper again. In the case of container from eggs and rolls of paper, therefore, we may not be in the sorting and conscientious. We can arrange for them to find another application and use must be in the spring as a makeshift pots for seedlings.

Mistake 5: Tissues can throw in paper

Paper napkins are from the quality of the paper, but after using them in the container for paper hygiene reasons does not belong. Paper recycling more difficult by any contamination, and therefore not suitable for the blue container generally greasy or otherwise disposing of soiled paper packaging. It does not belong to him or waxed paper and laminated.

Paper napkins than paper usually also contain plastic. Therefore, in a container on paper or not those unused. All the things described above have come up in the garbage.

Mistake 6: Envelope with window into the paper does not
On the other hand, the collection of paper does not bother Cover with foil or paper cutouts paper clips during further processing of sorted paper will separate them. Just a bubble envelope is good, remove the plastic interior. It is an operation for a few seconds.

Mistake 7: Not a hazardous waste at home we
If the packaging or product symbol crossed out wheeled bin container does not belong to any container or in the mixed waste. That is a hazardous waste, the specific hazardous properties describe other graphic symbols in the orange field, such as a skull or symbol of fire. "Ty tells whether a particular thing or substance is toxic, corrosive, flammable, irritant, explosive or otherwise harmful. In addition, there is also indication must be clearly written, what a product contains a hazardous substance, "explains Lucie Paseková.

Such a household commonly occurring hazardous waste or electronic waste must include nedobrané or expired medicines of all kinds. If you end up in the trash or in the toilet bowl, can contaminate water or soil. Not a wastewater treatment plant is contaminated water may not totally advise. Medication is easiest to take back to the pharmacy, some of you will take and used medical supplies. The drugs can also head to the collection points.

Hazardous waste are also remnants of synthetic paints, thinners, adhesives, varnishes, paints and stains and their packaging. They often have several hazardous properties. Irritating or toxic substances contain some cleaning agents. How to deal with packaging containing residues of these substances can be found on the label.

The most common recommendation is to postpone the point of collection of hazardous waste. This is especially collection points. Hazardous waste but can also deliver within mobile data collection when it is in your community organized.


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