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Spring Car Care - as well after a winter treat

This winter it is definitely gone, and so is the time to treat the winter and our cars. Winter is the period during which the car is suffering the most. Humidity, rain, sleet, road salt, ash and other debris worsen their condition, damage and help paint corrosion and oxidation. Therefore, at the beginning of the spring must think about the proper protection and care.

What is the best way to care for the exterior and interior of the car, what we should not forget what a washing and cleaning track? Meet with practical tips and tricks! You will see that properly treated auto you will not only make you happy in the coming spring.

All about love beautifully polished car bodies. Gives us a good feeling, is appealing, attractive, and it's just an aesthetic thing. Elegant gloss also plays a role when the car sell a better position to attract potential candidates.

"The quality and appearance of the paint is a very important part of any vehicle. A healthy coat also has an important function to protect metal parts from corrosion, "says Luke Svěcený the company MAXdrive. Many owners of automobiles today relies on a galvanized sheet steel, which, while posing protection, but still have their limits. "In the event that the galvanized metal gets aggressive substances, such as road salt, very soon may occur oxidation. Special attention shall be paid especially in winter when the roads are treated with salt and grit, "he adds.

It is advisable, therefore, to think about the state of our car and leave it to you clean and wash, which gets rid of salt, ash and other impurities. If the paint and bodywork unclean and not maintained regularly, loses its shine and color and durability. Of course we should not forget to clean the interior of the car, where he holds a number of impurities, bacteria, allergens, but also mold.

Car Washes - how to choose the right

Car wash in automyčkách is the easiest and fastest solution to kill auto impurities and give it shine. Attention, we must give particular in their choice! Many dishwashers is still nowadays often used coarse brushes, dirty water and rinse with plain wax poor composition. Such dishwashers have put more emphasis on speed cleaning and handling the greatest number of customers than the real professional care of our cars. Simply put, this is about as we wash their hands dirty just fast without soap and cold water addition. And just like after such a procedure suffered our hands and skin, just like our cars suffer.

What to look for when choosing Thus the dishwasher? First of all, it's professional approach and care they will know immediately. Professional car wash before the car wash rinse the body, fenders and bottom of the car stronger stream of water. "Thus it is soaked and removes coarse dirt and small particles that before the hand washing sponge paint scratching or roughen it," says Luke Svěcený of MAXdrive.
A true professional car washes also provide waxing the paint quality wax. If the paint is waxed, dirt go in the future much easier to remove. At the same wax also protects and preserves the paint. Exactly should look 100% servis, after which the car in September, will be restored to its original appearance, color and luster and aroma.

Steam cleaning cars - yes or no?

Car washers also offer other special modern Service that often do not even have a clue. Meet therefore with the procedure and terms that you were able to orientate and choose the right one. One by one as steam cleaning, which can clean the exterior and interior of your car. Steam cleaning technology is currently one of the most effective methods of cleaning. "Steam has both high efficiency and sterilization capabilities and safely destroys allergens, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and mold in the interior of your car," says Svěcený.

Interior and methods of cleaning

But we should not forget even for cleaning the interior of our car interior because it can provide a lot of health risks. The seats, for example, holding a number of impurities and mites, and air may change the source of viruses and bacteria. Just that we were sick during the winter, cold or suffered from a cough or fever. Air conditioning is bacteria and viruses are able to absorb and after they start us again spread into the air. Cars are generally ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold and dust mites. They have a warm, many impurities from food, shoes and the outside world. Fungi and bacteria can then be a source of various health problems.

A suitable method of treatment of the interior is also planing, not just the dashboard, but also all other plastic parts. Ty thanks to soften it regain its original look and extra dirt in them will penetrate far worse. When cleaning the interior of the car is so variously tepování seats. It is a special method of deep cleaning upholstery effective device, either wet or steam method. In terms of efficiency and time saving method is preferable to steam tepování when the car you can leave it for half an hour of cleaning, extra hot steam to safely destroy dust mites, allergens and mold. The wet method is more suitable for cleaning in warm weather when it is necessary to ventilate the car that could seat freely to dry, or when you know you have enough time and you will not need a car to go anywhere. "Hot steam can cope with the unpleasant odors in the interior of the car. It can even remove the smell of cigarette smoke, "explains ordination.

Mobile washing and cleaning the car

Mobile are nowadays only technology, but also the way the car wash. It is a modern method that is environmentally friendly, and in combination with hot steam can effectively dispose of allergens, dirt, leaves and waste or burden our environment because it is at the minimum used chemical means. I way of washing the car because he can express your personality and approach to life.

What to watch at the car wash

Never leave dirty to clean paint "dry" particles of dirt would be likely to cause permanent damage and scratch the paint of the car.
Observe that the paint before waxing perfectly cleaned and dried.
Hinges and places where friction occurs, it is appropriate to treat the quality fat, preferably colorless.
Does not forget to clean the interior - seats, air conditioning - a positive effect on our health

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